Whether to protect your identity or your business against identity theft, comply with the law on data protection or simply organize your house or office, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right paper shredder. To help you choose a suitable one, ask yourself the following three questions:

There are a wide variety of paper shredders on the market and answer these three questions will help you find shredders category that best fits your needs.

  1. Where will the shredder be?
  2. How many people will use the shredder daily?
  3. What kind of document should be destroyed?

Based on paper shredder reviews, in this article we recommend you the Fellowes Powershred, one of the most powerful and effective paper shredder brands that you should have.

Prevention of paper jams, quiet operation, shredders Fellowes Powershred offer the features that you need. Fellowes offers a complete range of models to meet all your needs. Following are some tips to help you choose a suitable Fellowes paper shredder. Keep reading to find out!


Based on your answers to these three questions, you may decide that you need a small personal shredder for home, a shredder for small and medium businesses which can process a larger volume and accommodate multiple users, or perhaps of a commercial shredder that will be shared by many users. Although the size of shredder you choose will depend on where it will be used and the number of users, other technical factors also come into play.

For example, Fellowes Powershred offers Fellowes Powershred W-11C 11 Sheet Paper and Credit Card Cross-Cut Shredder which is a medium type for your home or small office.

Each paper shredder has an operating cycle of its own. The operating cycle corresponds to the duration for which a shredder can operate continuously. The operation of cycles can vary from 2 minutes to more than an hour, depending on the size of the shredder.

In addition to the operating cycle, one must also consider the overall performance of the shredder. The efficiency is a combination of three important features which contribute to the overall performance of a paper shredder namely: the sheet capacity, the rate of shredding and operating cycle. The performance tells us how many sheets, how fast and for how long? These features will help you determine the level of productivity you’ll be able to expect from your shredder.


The level of security you need depends on the sensitivity of the information you will destroy. There are four levels of security. The higher the security level, the higher the cut will be fine.

A level 1 straight cut paper shredder offers a basic level of security. Confetti of a straight cutting similar to a long strip as paper and a width of 5.8 mm. This means that a paper letter size will be destroyed in 39 bands.

With cross cut shredders (Level 2), it becomes very difficult to reconstruct a sheet to read. The size of the confetti from a cross-cutting is generally 4 mm x 50 mm. A sheet of letter size paper will be destroyed in 300 confetti. This represents a significant increase in confetti and therefore the security level.

If you must destroy highly confidential documents and want an even higher level of security, you should consider a shredder Level 3 Microwave cut. The size of confetti for a micro-cut shredder is generally 2 mm x 15 mm. A sheet of letter size paper will be destroyed in 3700 confetti.

The high-security shredders approved by the government provide the highest level of protection. Designed to destroy top-secret and classified documents, high-security shredders cut paper of 0.8 mm x 5 mm. A sheet of letter size paper will be destroyed in over 15,000 confetti.


Now that you know the main specifications, we can address the innovative technologies of Fellowes that make the destruction of documents easier, faster and safer.

As with the performance and safety levels, the characteristics of shredders are not equal all. After thinking about the location of your shredder and the number of users, you may be interested in some particularly useful features.

Anti-jamming technology

100% Jam Proof Technology of Fellowes not only prevents paper jams before they happen but also performs the toughest jobs. Fellowes has developed this technology to meet and eliminate the source of major frustration of shredder’s users. They have also developed the Automatic Reverse which stops the motor and brings out the paper before it is stuck, and Jam Blocke which prevents paper jam before it occurs.


SafeSense – Paper Shredders Fellowes offer different levels of security ranging from the manual lock to advanced technologies like SafeSense. SafeSense Fellowes offers a much safer experience for users by automatically stopping the shredder as soon as a hand touches the paper insertion slot.


SilentShred – The sound quality of shredders is also important especially in a shared workspace. Fellowes developed the SilentShred technology which makes the extra quiet and eliminates sound variations.

Exclusive Power Saving System

Technology of Energy Saving System reduces power consumption in both the operation mode and standstill mode.


The last important point that you should consider is the type of material that the paper shredder can destroy: paper clips, credit cards, CDs, DVDs and junk mail you intend to regularly destroy. Choose the shredder able to meet all your needs additional and casual.

Now you have all information that you need to select a Fellowes paper shredder for your needs. Hope you enjoy your choice!

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