With two or three cores at your disposal, you can now also arrange camping for a delicious meal. Whether you are opting for a gas burner (lead-free) or a gas canister depends on the availability of fuel. In sparsely populated areas are gas canisters hardly available and choose the best for fuel burners. In all other situations, a device for gas is better. Also, we will give you camping meal ideas

Gas-rings while camping

Gas rings are made of painted or stainless metal and sometimes come with a lid/wing. Some models even have a safety (thermocouple) which ensures that the gas supply stops when the sudden flame draft. Most campers use the great (blue) Camping Gaz bottles. They are available almost everywhere. You close the container with a pressure regulator on the gas stove on.

Pros and cons of gas
+ safe
+ clean
+ user

– Performance takes around freezing and colder off
– Not so economical in use

Pros and cons of gasoline

+ Fairly user
+ cheap
+ Available nearly everywhere

– Preheat
– incendiary
– Unhealthy fumes

Parties camping

At teen bitter little, you have the choice between gas, gasoline, kerosene or alcohol. Also, too (multifuel) burners available that operate on gasoline, kerosene and methylated spirits. Nice if you’re not sure which fuel is available in your area.

Eenpitsgasbranders working on an ordinary (Camping Gaz) gas tank (too heavy for lightweight campers), puncture cans or burners pattern with screw connection. The latter is more convenient because tin and stove can be stored and transported separately during the trip. Upon unscrewing of the burners can automatically close off the supply of gas.

When puncture cans is not possible. Only when it is empty, you can remove the heater. Furthermore, it is an automatic ignition (also called a piezo-ignition), a convenient feature. Note that you can create stable lamp. Buy up a copy with a security valve (anti-tip). Without such a provision, the gas stove can give to overturn a fire and cause a fire.

Kitchen furniture in the tent

The dimensions of your tent or awning determine if you lost a super-deluxe kitchen can or need to buy a smaller one. Fortunately, you have plenty of choices. There are kitchen units with and without a sink, with and without a built-in stove, plastic, metal and lightweight aluminum versions, with or without open or lockable cabinets. Also, the size and weight can differ.

Whatever you choose, the important thing is the working height of the kitchen furniture. It is, therefore, essential that the piece of furniture is adjustable in height. It is best if all four legs have an adjustment possibility. The kitchen should also be stable.

Cooking recipe at the campsite: stir-fried with chorizo

Cooking on the camp can be a challenge. Often there are only 1 or 2 burners, and you have fewer resources and ingredients available. To do something easy and above all to put your goodies (camping) table I devised this even pans stir-fry recipe.
The recipe includes dried chorizo sausage which is ideal to take with you and need not be kept in the refrigerator.

Because the chorizo much flavor and salt contains do you add any spices or salt to the dish. That saves your own or buy additional jars again.

And you bring to the camp in the middle of nowhere and there are no fresh beans or peppers available you can also make beans and roasted peppers from a can or jar. For example, replace the potatoes with canned chickpeas.

Ingredients 4 persons:

One chorizo sausage a 225g
1 onion
One large bell pepper
500g green beans
700 gr potatoes or potatoes
75g feta


Be the potatoes and the beans in advance for yarn in a pan of water or the microwave (if available) to have the dish ready faster. Replace the 15 minutes in the recipe by 5 minutes.

Chop the onion and cut the chorizo sausage into slices. Heat a large (wok) pan and add the sausage and onion (because there is oil released from the sausage butter or oil add unnecessarily). Add after three minutes the potatoes and cook 15 minutes.

Add the green beans and cook another 15 minutes braking. Cut the bell pepper into rings and fry the last 3 minutes. Make the dish off with some feta (not too much because the chorizo is already quite salty). Tip: The stir-fry is also ideal for the winter.

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