Camping out is a favorite choice for the holidays, as it can be very economical and contact with nature is what many people prefer. There are many campsites that provide facilities to spend a few happy days as electricity and running water. But another option that many travelers choose is the outdoor camping, surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes such as lakes, forests, and mountains. If this is your choice, we give recommendations for camping in the wild to help you have a safe and memorable holiday. Follow all these tips to get the best trip in your life.

If you do not own tent, you prune borrow one or buy it.

Still, nothing is as it was, with Gill Academy, you can get very cheap a nice tent for 2, 4 or 6 people. Before traveling, learn how weapon, consult someone who knows or read the instructions. We recommend Coleman cheap tents for sale for everything you need when sharing a special moment with friends and family.

Choose a place where it is allowed to camp

When going on a trip, the entire landscape around us can seem wild nature, but often can cross private land. Camping on land must ensure that are public and should be part of protected National Parks, find out if these sites offer camping permit.

Considered the best camping ground

Some tips that can help you to choose the best place to camp:

• Choose an area with nearby water: rivers, lakes or streams. It will be easier grooming and cook this way.
• If there is a hiking trail hiking and marked with signs, camping anything out of the way and preserves discretion.
• Always choose offshore areas to protect you in the case of rain and flooding.
• If the time of winds and storms is always right to look natural rock formations to protect your camp from high winds.

Think about what you are eating and see if the site has a pantry or someplace nearby to buy. Do not forget you will not have a refrigerator. It is recommended canned food, drinking water, minimum utensils (such as dishes, cutlery, pot, the kettle to heat water, etc.).

Do not forget essential items like a flashlight, matches a knife. It takes a couple of medications that you use frequently and some disinfectant if you suffer a power outage.

Zero experience, to reach the camping, please consult other travelers or the same responsible for the place which is the best place to install the tent. If it rains, if there is the wind, the sun. A bad location you can ruin a good plan.

If camping on the river, do not unique on the banks: it is necessary to be careful growing. The same, if you are near the sea. The highlands are the most recommended to prevent flooding in case of rain. If it starts raining, dig a gutter around the tent.

Fundamental: Beware insects and other animals. Carrying mosquito repellent and before bed checks your tent: Kerala well to leave so that no gaps through which they can enter spiders, scorpions, toads, etc. Probably there is nothing risky, but you can paste the shock of your life.

Carries soap, towel and bath items you consider essential. In most cases, the bathrooms are communal campsites.


  • Maintain good personal hygiene, wash your hands often and use the showers.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun without protection. Use sunscreen, hat and sunglasses to avoid burns.
  • Limit exercise during hours of higher temperatures and wear loose clothing to avoid sunstroke.
  • On hot days, drink fluids often preferably water, to avoid dehydration.
  • Use flip flops in the shower and go to the pool or beach because, due to the transit of many people, can be transmitted diseases even if the soil is limp.No, leave children alone.
  • Keep a diet equilibrate.Consumer especially fruit and vegetables.

That is all tips we have got for you, campers. Hope you find this tips useful for your camping trip. Follow the instructions and advice of those responsible for the site. Thank you for reading this post. For more tips, visit Good luck with the outdoor trip! Enjoy the nature with the best preparation.

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