How to choose a pillow? Ergonomic pillow or classic pillow? When changing pillow? How to maintain my pillow? All answers in our guide for choosing the right pillow.

An essential element in the choice of bedding and which we do not necessarily think is the pillow. And yes, the pillow is essential, both for our sleep as our spine. We will see together what are the elements to consider when choosing a pillow. It is recommended to opt for bamboo memory foam pillow.

You should know that many people have a pillow, especially when they have an electric bed. A pillow is used to relax, read or watch TV, another is exclusively reserved for sleep.

Conventional pillows

Conventional pillows are they good for your back? How to choose a pillow? What is a classic pillow?
We will present here what a pillow and told how classical choose a classic pillow.

Why is a classic pillow called “classic pillow”?

It is not called so for reasons pejorative but in contrast with the pillow ergonomic says that has appeared much later and that we present later. The name is due to its shape: in fact, the conventional pillow has a square or rectangular and has no recesses or bumps as ergonomic pillow. Its forms are relatively traditional for a pillow that is why he is called classic pillow.

Is classic pillow a natural pillow?

The term classic pillow, refers only to the shape of the pillow, and in any case to which it is composed. We call this the lining, as regards the conventional pillows, they may be either composed of natural materials or of synthetic materials of a mixture of the two as is the case with many latex pillows.
What are the advantages of a conventional pillow?

Conventional pillows are known to be often more comfortable, soft, and especially cheaper than ergonomic pillows. They are indeed very popular with sleepers for their cozy appearance.

Choose ergonomic pillow (cervical)

You have a bad back? Have torti-package? Your pillow should not you? You sleep on your side and you feel a break in your neck? You are in the right place.

What is the ergonomic pillow?

Also called cervical pillow, ergonomic pillow is a pillow of a very specific form. The ends are bulged, the central portion is hollow so that your head comes to rest directly in this section. Your neck will not be broken, your head will be perfectly in line with your spine. That is why it is said that this pillow contours to your body.

How to Choose an ergonomic pillow?

Be careful to several elements when choosing an ergonomic pillow:

– The shape of the ergonomic pillow:
Some pillows ergonomic say while they do not fall into this category, make sure that the ends are curved and hollow center.

– The height of the ergonomic pillow:

We often think that the pillow should be as thick as possible to be very comfortable, but be careful, the indicated height is often the center height. We suggest a center height of about 11 centimeters for optimal comfort.

– The weight of the ergonomic pillow:

The weight of a pillow will tell us about the amount of matter in it. More it will weigh heavier, it will be more dense and it will close. For ergonomic pillow size 65 x 45 cm with a height of 11 cm we recommend a weight between 1 kg and 1.1 kg for comfort.

Should I buy an ergonomic pillow?

Ergonomic pillows are particularly recommended for people who sleep on their side. Indeed, if you sleep on your back, you will not enjoy the benefits of this pillow that is too high, in which case we recommend instead a traditional pillow.

What’s in an ergonomic pillow?

Ergonomic pillow is defined only by its form, and not by its packing. There are several kinds of ergonomic pillows:
Ergonomic latex pillows, we recommend the latex pillows, most ventilated and most comfortable pillows shaped memory foam.

Should I combine ergonomic pillow for a good bedding?

It is essential to combine a good pillow with good bedding as it is essential to combine a good mattress with a good mattress. We advise you to opt for a latex mattress or shape memory foam for your bed if you like the ergonomic pillows.

Compare, choose between a conventional pillow and ergonomic pillow?

Not sure if you need a classic ergonomic pillow or pillow? How to choose between a traditional ergonomic pillow and a pillow?

With our comparison you will know what is the most suitable pillow for you! If you meet some of these needs, simply count the number of cross about which pillow suits you best.

Classic pillow Ergonomic pillow
I sleep on my back XXX X
I sleep on your stomach XXX X
I sleep on the side XX XXX
I like a cozy place comfort XXX XX
I read or watch TV in bed XXX X
I have back problems X XXX
I have pain in the neck X XXX

Now, according to your needs, you can choose the pillow you.

If you still hesitate, we must know that more and more sleepers opt for a pillow: that is to say, according to their needs, they can change pillow. It is true that we do not always sleeps in the same position, so it is convenient to keep on hand a pillow depending on the position in which we sleep. Similarly, it is possible to couple a classic pillow with ergonomic pillow as the activity practiced in bed, a classic pillow to watch television or read and an ergonomic pillow to sleep on the side.

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