Make your embroidery ludic and meaningful

Design your embroidery patterns with your home embroidery machine allows you to create meaningful, playful and personal designs: embroidery artwork your child a photo of your cat, or an image with sentimental value. You can make simple drawings integral embroidered baby, adult shirts, placemats, pillows or frame. You do not need a unique ability to design a simple embroidery, and you will require very few elements.

You will need:

  • A few papers pencil crayons
  • A complete editing software

Instructions: Simple drawings embroidery designs

1. Find a cause that inspires you

Find your source of inspiration. It could be a photograph, a flower from your garden or drawing your son did. You can also bring your designs, using paper and pencil or pen. If you decide to make your design, draw straightforward and clear lines.

2. Edit the chosen image.

Edit the desired image with the corresponding software. If necessary, change the size or intensifies the contrast. Print the image the correct size high contrast.

3. Trace the picture onto the fabric

Trace the picture with tracing paper thin or image adhering tape to a well-lit window. Use pencil or crayons quality according to your design drawing.

4. You can embroider folders, cushions, and pictures

Moves the embroidery design to a fabric by placing carbon paper or tracing paper dressmaker on it. Place the drawing up and calc embroider through all layers. You can also choose to hold the tracing paper with fabric and work directly on all layers; tracing paper is removed when the embroidery is completed.

5. Use different points to highlight the design

Work your embroidery design using two to four strands of silk thread. To give texture and depth to your design, use different embroidery stitches. Satin stitches can be used to fill large surfaces; the contour point, backsight point or string to outline ways; petal point, ingot, and French knot, to accentuate.

Transferring a drawing on a felt cloth hand embroidery

The best way to move an image is heat

Hand embroidery is an activity for people to create a design in different types of fabric; the felt is a prime example. Drawn original designs create a unique and custom object felt embroidery. It is important to remember that all plans shall be transferred to the fabric mirror embroidery. Transfer a prefabricated design or the original one requires the use of a pencil oil and butter paper. The best way to transfer an image to said fabric is heat.

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Fabric


1. Place the clip art or drawn on a flat, stable surface work. Take the amount of wax paper roll enough to cover the image, plus at least one edge of one inch (2.5 cm). Cut the butter roll paper. Center it and place it on the picture, making sure that the shiny side thereof facing up.

2. Trace the image on the paper using a pencil butter oil. Draw the outline and all lines of interior and exterior detail of it. Press the pen firmly to make a solid line on the parchment paper. Remove the image on the paper.
3. Centra and places the picture of parchment paper on a sheet of brown wrapping journal. Zooms contour to form a frame of an inch (2.5 cm) in this article. Cut it out so that it is a border of an inch (2.5 cm) around the image of parchment paper.

4. Turn on the iron and preheated in the position of cotton. Place the plate in a safe place while it preheats.

5. Centra the desired area for embroidery design on the board. Place the felt fabric in it. Centre and puts the image of parchment paper in the desired location making sure that the pen stroke is the reverse side of the parchment paper.

6. Centra and place the brown paper wrapping on the image of parchment paper. Be sure to cover the latter completely.

7. Place the plate preheated in the upper left corner of brown wrapping paper. Keep the iron in place for 10 seconds. Move it wide plate to the right and hold it there for 10 seconds. Repeat the process through the top of the image of parchment paper.

8. Move the iron down a long plate. Place it on the left edge of the picture of parchment paper. Press for 10 seconds. Move the iron plate width to the right and press for 10 seconds. Repeat the process until the entire image is pressed.

9. Place the plate in a safe place. Let the brown wrapping paper dry for 10 seconds. Hold the lower right corner of brown paper and butter the paper image. Carefully remove the upper left corner of felt fabric. Note that the image has been transferred. Replaces the picture and the wrapping paper and board again if necessary.

10. Let the wrapping paper to cool for 10 seconds. Remove the latter and the image of parchment paper fabric felt. Discard the transfer of wax paper. Save brown paper for future use if desired. Felted fabric is now ready for the embroidery process.

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