You decided to celebrate your wedding outdoors, in a beautiful area, a family home or your garden with your loved ones, but the weather is often unpredictable. To offer maximum comfort to your guests and leave with peace of mind, you have chosen for the wedding canopy rental, unlike the marriage venue, the wedding restaurant or wedding castle, or cheap popup canopies for sale

The choice of material

An outdoor equipment selection panel and its support will be offered. First, and this is an essential point, make sure that the rented equipment is clean and impeccable quality. A frayed or canopy with holes would be the worst effect.
Canopy and marquees must be resistant, waterproof, lightweight, stylish and if possible without a central post.
Opt for the material and suitable structures, approved by the BVTS treated fire (M1-M2), so does the success of your reception. The incidents do not happen to others.

The primary objective is the success of your reception you give outdoors. You can opt for:

  • a large canopy
  • several canopies: one for the front desk, to dance, others to the relaxation area.

The material will be of impeccable aesthetics:

  • Choose a canopy or marquee corresponding to an area suitable for a number of guests: count one m² / person for a reception seating, ½ m² for a standing reception.
  • For a dinner seating, tables should not be too far from each other to keep warm. Think about your wedding table plan.
  • But you must also leave enough room for the waiters and guests can move freely.
  • You must also have enough space to dance, think of the musical installation: sound, DJ, band.

The choice of specialist

We advise you to contact different professional party canopies hire and compare prices.

Ask and ask the right questions:

  • Ask to visit the showroom or if it is not available a precise catalog of the rented equipment.
  • A detailed estimate taking position by position benefits, namely: Rental of the canopy, delivery, assembly, disassembly
  • Is the equipment rented by the day, what is the price of m²?
  • What is the amount of the deposit?
  • What is the price of the accompanying material? This price must be detailed.
  • Are the dishes delivered, installed and dirty resumed at any time of day or night?

Assembly and installation

It is essential to choose a provider that rents, delivers, installs and dismantles equipment and facilities.
Although the assembly is easy, do not you embark yourself with some friends (they came to relax) in the hardware installation, especially if you expect a lot of guests, you run to the disaster. Remember that you have many things to manage. Devote yourself to other preparations.


Check with the landlord of the canopy what assurances it has purchased, and what assurances he advises you to take.
Also, check with your personal home insurance that covers your liability. An insurance extension may be necessary.
Tips for wedding canopy rental

Wedding canopy rental offers flexibility and is very user-friendly. Therefore, we advise you to:

  • Rent your gear for the weekend, your guests will enjoy a lunch the next day, especially for those who come from afar.
  • Provide different spaces using small canopies
  • For babies, young children and why not to use a wedding childcare? That would please all parents could have fun and enjoy your holiday.
  • For older people who need peace, tranquility and relax.
  • Do not forget the dressing room.
  • Will your toilets in sufficient numbers? It is important to predict.
  • Also, remember to bring in a good wedding caterer to refine your reception.

Cost of wedding canopy rental

Wedding canopy rental prices vary enormously from one provider to another. The area is also important; the Île-de-France will be much more expensive than the province.

Indicative costs around:

  • € 1,500 for the rental of a canopy for 100 people
  • € 15 on average per m²
  • € 10 on average per m² for the floor
  • 200 to 500 € for installation costs

Nice to know: check with your town hall, village hall or associations in your community who might lend you the equipment at prices much more affordable. However, be careful, the installation is dependent on you, will you have the time?

Our tips for your folding canopy

Moving a canopy is often done without organization beforehand, yet to Avoid premature wear of your product, sour Make That Some common sense rules are Followed.

Once the canopy Positioned in your vehicle, make sure your canopy is no longer moved. Do not place heavy objects on top of the canopy, an overload Could damage it (ripe roof structure). If possible, use a carrying case, the patch bag will protect your frame from scratches and tears in canvas.



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