Your choice of essential oil should be done in different ways depending on uses. If your goal is to use essential oils in therapy, so in aromatherapy, then you need before ordering carefully check that they match your request.

In some cases, the same essential oil has different actions depending on the mix you will make. If you use single oil, make sure that the symptom and the place of this symptom match those in the data sheet. (Example: toothache or back pain)

It is also advisable to take confirmation from a health professional to check against possible indications that concern you. In the case of essential oils to give a pleasant scent to your home interior, think still the active ingredient that it will bring.

Even if you find interesting Siam wood smell, you have to take into account that it is a powerful stimulant. So forget the idea of sleeping instantly if you put around the house to 23h in the evening. You can, in this case, replace essential oils perfume waters.

You must adapt the essential oil properties selected with the use you will make. Based “inside perfume”, it is in this case very easy to associate with pleasure. For example: Broadcast lavender evening before bed will sleep well while giving your home a pleasant and sweet fragrance. Note however that some essential oils can be used completely in home fragrance without any indication cons.

The places of culture and part of the plant used are important for certain pathologies. Check again that they match.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a science, many essential oils are listed and each has their properties. They have powerful effects and should not be used lightly.

In any case, do not use with pregnant women, although some oils can be used after the 4th month of pregnancy. The precautionary principle is paramount. Again, it must still know that some essential oils are absolutely safe for children. Ask about a possible risk of allergy that you would own.

Essential oils are active products, except specific cases, do not use on the skin. That said, it is not necessarily useful to psychosis if a few drops of sweet orange fell on your arms… Everything will be fine!

How to enjoy the benefits of essential oils?

One of the best ways to fully enjoy aromatherapy air diffusion is the ultrasound mist diffuser (available in our shop). It does not alter the oil and allows efficient and rapid dissemination.

In the case of air diffusion by heating the oil with a candle or flame, do not put pure. Indeed, upon completion fluid, the bottom will burn and there you can forget the good desired odor. In addition, by heating, the essential oil will boil and be completely denatured. Prefer, in this case, the file in a little water. It does not mix but will warm more slowly.

Do not mix water indoor fountains with essential oil as a recipe for disaster. There are perfume bottles water specially adapted to this use (see our online store)

Mix the oils.

As we have already announced, you have to mix essential oils with vegetable oils for use on the skin. DO NOT USE PURE oil (except air diffusion course). We advise you to follow the dosages recommended by the various aromatherapy recipes you will find. A wrong dosage might not have the desired effect or be too strong.

In any case, we advise you to never exceed the maximum 50/50 ratio, even for the least active essential oils. You should always have more vegetable oil than the essential oil. Moreover, in most cases, it will be just a few drops. Do not increase the dosage by yourself. If you read 5 drops is 5 drops.

“Essential oils are mostly counter, this is not to say that there is no danger of self-medication”. The terms “natural medicine”, “alternative medicine”, “natural” or “organic” are not necessarily synonymous with harmless! “Exactly, essential oils are they harmless?” Essential oils are very powerful and very active substances, it is the concentrated power of the aromatic plant, so do not overdo the doses, regardless of the route of exposure, as any substance is potentially toxic at a high dose or repeated.

Paracelsus said: “Nothing is poison, everything is poison, everything depends on the dose”

You should also know that too prolonged period reverses the effects and / or the occurrence of adverse side effects. When in doubt, we can only advise you to contact a healthcare professional who knows the essential oils.

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