Denby Pottery Co plans to introduce four new serving pieces is some of its most popular patterns as a result of consumer demand for more versatile serving pieces. The new pieces are a small oval dish, a pasta/salad bowl, a divided dish and an oval casserole. They will range in price from $25 to $100 and will be featured at the International Housewares Show in Jan 1995.

International Housewares Show

The Denby Pottery Co. aims at increasing its presence in the U.S. market with new products and display systems. The latest developments can be seen at the International Housewares Show in January.

“We have expanded our line to include more pieces and a wider variety,” said Stephanie Ritter, Denby’s marketing manager.

Denby has introduced four new serving pieces in some of its best-selling tableware patterns– a small oval dish, an oval casserole, a pasta/salad bowl and a divided dish.

The new items evolved as a result of consumer demand for more serving pieces that were versatile and flexible in use. For example, the small oval dish can be used as either a cooking dish or as a serving dish.

These four new items are available in the Greenwich, Baroque, Marrakesh, Regatta, Imperial Blue, Regency Green, Colonial Blue, Harlequin and Spice patterns. Depending on the pattern, suggested retail prices for the small oval dish range from $25 to $28, $92 to $105 for the oval casserole, $55 to $68 for the pasta/salad bowl, and $45 for the divided dish.

Denby has created a cookware starter set, in Harlequin and Spice. It includes two oval dishes, an oblong dish, a 3-pint casserole and a deep round dish. It will retail at $156 for the set.

Denby’s range of mugs continues to grow with glazes and matte finishes. “We are looking to develop a larger mug business in the U.S.,” said Ritter.

There are three new mugs

The Matte mug with matte finish and cream interior comes on Denby’s Tudor shape and is available in charcoal, yellow, lilac, green and pink. Suggested retail is $20.

The Flame mug with distinctive flame design and gloss finish in blue, green and brown also utilizes the Tudor shape. Suggested retail is $25. The Solitaire mug has vibrant glazes of blue, orange, turquoise and purple on Denby’s Footed shape. Suggested retail is $20.

In an effort to aid retailers in displaying merchandise, Denby has created The Denby Hope Chest, featuring Spice. The Hope Chest includes a wicker chest, contrasting linens, and dried flowers, free with the $650 purchase of Spice. A planagram is also included as a guide for setting up the display.

The Denby Hope Chest holds four dinner plates, four salad plates, four soup/cereal bowls, a tea plate, a covered sugar bowl, two breakfast cups and saucers, eight footed mugs, eight Tudor mugs, an oblong dish, a large oblong dish, a 1-pint teapot, a 2 1/2 pint teapot, a 1 1/2 pint casserole, a 3-pint casserole, a creamer, a 2 1/2-pint pitcher, a 1-pint pitcher, a deep round dish/souffle, an oval dish, two small oval dishes and pasta/salad bowls.

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