Do you feel guilty every time you leave your baby in the pack and play or playpen while you are doing something? You do not have to. This accessory can promote the baby development, whenever you use certain criteria. Today, in this article, we will provide you tips to opt for the best pack and play for your baby.

Baby pack and play: how to use, time of use, buying tips…

The pack and plays are great for your baby. On the one hand, it is a small space, it offers the possibility to investigate, move and play more actively while feeling safe. And this is important at this age, in which your child combines the need to explore with the fear that causes them greater autonomy.

Moreover, as you are quiet knowing that in no danger, you let him play around on your own, something essential so that he can learn to manipulate their toys without your help, discover new uses that to you will not happen, observe what is around …

And finally, it is also beneficial to the development of their motor skills and muscles as it can get around it crawling and clinging to the mesh or bars to get up and start to take its first steps.


To all this must be added the fact that the pack and play for you is a help when you have to do things and you can not be so aware of the child. But for these benefits do not become damaged note:

  • When placed, it is very important that you stay away from potential dangers for the child (a table with small objects or a tablecloth that can pull the board, a window, a radiator …), you block the wheels (if there is any wheel ) and you change it often orientation so your child can see different “landscapes”.
  • When using it. Do not use it as a punishment, do not let him baby over an hour followed (at this age need above all to move freely in large spaces) and get even if it overwhelms. In addition, can you see from the pack and play and I note this: Talk, sing, go at him every so often … so you will not feel it is a place where you let “forgotten” but a fun pack and play.


So your child can entertain themselves and learn in the pack and play, leave a toy. But remember: it is better to put only two or three that you like (with more overwhelm) and change them every so often, to receive more stimuli.

They must not be so small that it can swallow and choke nor so large that I can climb on them and get out of the pack and play.


Note that having the CE label and features like these:

  • It has a soft base for the baby does not get hurt if you fall.
  • Its interior height exceeds 60 cm.
  • The holes in the mesh or separation between lateral bars prevent the child can get the arms, legs or head and hooked.
  • It has several points of support so that it can not tip over; the wheels (if present) can be locked.
  • If folding, the system for doing so is not accessible to the child.
  • The materials are non-toxic, does not have small parts accessible and edges do not crack if the baby bites.

Baby pack and play buying tips

  • Make sure there is a clear instruction on the assembly of the pack and play is present.
  • Make sure there is a solid construction with a smooth finish and splinter-free wood.
  • The openings between the bottom plate and side walls may not be larger than 2.5 cm.
  • The distance between the bars of the box should be between 4.5 and 6.5 cm.
  • The distance from the bottom plate to the edge of the box is at least 60.0 cm.
  • With an increased bottom plate is the distance to the edge of the box at least 30 cm.
  • Make sure the locking mechanism of a folding cot or folding box works well and is sturdy.
  • Choose an appropriate and comfortable pack and play. An additional pack and play mat is useful to be as a pack and play crops.


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