Aromatherapy is in booming for several years now and continues to be adopted by users who become true followers and also experts in the use of essential oils.

Essential oils are of great diversity as the number of “therapeutic” applications they enable. How is administered essential oils are also quite varied, since they can be applied to the skin, ingested or inhaled be!

Note that the use of essential oils can cause various adverse problems if the necessary precautions for their use are not taken. A council advised by a pharmacist, for example, is highly recommended.

We will focus here on the dissemination of essential oils into the air using diffusers in order to breathe in the air or just to clear the air of a room. Here are tips for your purchase according to essential oil diffuser reviews.

Types of essential oil diffusers

Several options are available to us when we want to spread essential oils. Keep in mind that essential oils have therapeutic properties directly related to their molecular structure. The only “problem” is that these molecular structures are fragile and are particularly sensitive to heat and also to light as most molecules called aromatic.

The choice of essential oil diffuser is made according to the distribution technique used and the volume of the room is aired oil.

Diffusers of essential oils through nebulization

These essential oils diffusion devices, also called nebulizers, are certainly the most efficient to keep the chemical structure of the active molecules within the essential oils.

Indeed, this distribution method is carried out cold and thus preserves all the therapeutic properties of ET. The process of cold fogging allows through vibrations to separate and distribute the molecules of essential oils in the form of very fine particles emitted into the ambient air.

Most of the time this type of device consists of a basement where is located the engine and a glass part having a nozzle to accommodate the essential oils and create nebulization. The nebulizers are very effective and can distribute the oils in spaces up to 120 m².

The price nebulizers vary between 45 and 100 euros depending on model and sellers.

Many online stores offer several models, some of which have a “timer” to manage periods of nebulization, therefore, diffusion and periods of the diffusion barrier. These different periods are important to avoid essential oils diffusion overload in the atmosphere especially in small rooms.

Note that these models with “timer” also have LED lights to have a colored light on glassware during distribution periods.Also, note that the glassware is available as spare parts.

The ultrasonic diffusers

These broadcasters use ultrasound to form fine droplets of water and essential oil that will partition into the atmosphere as light mist. This cold diffusion system keeps extremely well the properties of essential oils. The addition of water in an ultrasonic delivery system has the advantage of slightly moisten the air. These diffusers are recommended for medium sized rooms (less than 80 m²) and parts whose atmosphere is dried by heating systems, for example.

Prices vary widely it takes about 40 euros a budget for a good device.

Broadcasters by misting of essential oils

Misters essential oil diffusers have a principle similar to that of ultrasonic diffusers insofar as a certain amount of water is required to operate the device and distribution of essential oils.
These diffusers are also great for creating a special atmosphere. Their often with LED lights mist and their various designs allow for inclusion as an object of decoration in itself.

These devices have a water level sensor that stops the machine in case of lack of water. They help disseminate essential oils in medium size pieces (less than 100 m²).

The prices of these broadcasters are highly variable because the creativity of the different manufacturers is, it takes about 50 euros budget for a beautiful and good broadcaster.

Some of these broadcasters can also be used with USB. Indeed, you can connect the camera directly to your computer and mist of essential oils sublimate your work atmosphere!

Comparison of different diffusers of essential oils

Most essential oils diffusers can also stream piped fragrances or perfumes so we included the fragrances in our summary table.

If you also have any comments or clarifications to give us about your own experience with the dissemination of essential oils please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Thank you !

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