In the first few months, your baby really needs your tender arms to exist and soothe. Yet, like all mothers in the world, you can not be at every moment; Also, you need a baby equipment suited to accommodate your new baby, safely. When your baby wakes, the sun favors quiet moments necessary for balance. In fact, the swing combination of functions that will make it essential to the welfare of the whole family. Let’s talk more in detail, what is the baby swing which is not the first swing.


You should install baby swing near you or your family. The baby then has plenty of time to discover his world. This distance helps him to live as a person, in a place with his family. Especially as the seat offers a significant comfort in every moment of the day: the different inclinations of the seat provide welfare reinforced by the cushion to support the baby’s head. A 5-point harness keeps your baby and guarantees its security. Then the comfort of the swing adapts to changing your child during the first few months: he will enjoy sleeping in, appreciate to recover a little, then, manage to catch his first toy. Some models also have a mellow sound reception, create a cocoon swing open to the world of your baby. The regular swing reminds him of his uterine bubble and your movements: he likes to be lulled and your swing takes over. Rhythm as to the mechanical balance system are measured and the weight of the child, thus eliminating any risk. Sweet melodies promote a reassuring atmosphere lull, too, baby.

Some models have a remote control or a timer to avoid disturbing your child comfortably. Finally, the swing is used both to relax and soothe babies. This relaxation will often fall asleep … but shhh!


The sun is transported everywhere since it is foldable. You can even put it out: your baby slightly elevated, will be safe from critters in the garden. The sun is also used as a lounger in which your child can play completely independently, or with relatives who do not have to put down. There is also a certain comfort to give him his first spoons. In addition, the ark of hanging toys allows long moments busy enjoying as much as fun even if he does not sit still. This multitude of stimulating activities contributes to good development psychomotor coordination eye / hand. Removable toys will have a second life when your child play on a carpet. So the swing with your little over months.For sum up, the sun meets the needs of your baby, from birth: it brings him comfort, softness, and comfort. It also allows baby to awaken and to appropriate their environment, grow, simply. parental side, this baby accessory makes the daily calmer since it frees up time for mom and simplifies family organization. It establishes the foundation for the necessary separation and emotional development of babies engine.

Here are my baby swing reviews over a model that I have bought. This will help you to understand more about its properties

I bought the Ingenuity Convert Me Swing 2 SeatCette baby swing last week. It ensures a substantial safety for your little one because it has a secure strap, attached to 5 different points. In addition, this model offers a good quality seat that promotes ease of your baby. Depending on your preference, you can use one of two seats modes: the deckchair or the version swing. This equipment will distract your baby while enjoying comfort and softness. It was designed for fun or sleep small detour. It lightens your babysitting jobs or those of the nurse.

With this baby swing, you can rock your child efficiently. You can vary the swing tempo using the 5-speed levels. While swinging your child can listen to soft music and rock, with 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds of swing. To participate in the awakening of the child, this equipment has 2 plush toys and 3 loops that you can add other toys to taste. Elegant, it is made with Seneca style marked by its embroidered unisex designs. Easy to carry, it is foldable and lightweight.

If you compare the best baby swings of time then you will understand why the model Ingenuity Convert Me Swing Seat 2 is in our ranking.


A well-thought security: This baby seat has a well-reinforced security system.

Guaranteed comfort: With the seat well comfortable recliner 2 positions, your baby will always have the comfort he needs.

An awakening accessory: More than a seat, it’s a wake accessory through the various toys that are hanging there.

The cons:

For the neck safety straps: The Toddler may be disrupted by the safety strap happens to their necks.

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