For the novice seamstresses, this is going to be the perfect edition. We will give you some basic sewing machine using tips so that you as a beginning seamstress have some startup tips.

Step 1: Make sure that you have the right material

The basics to sew: Cutting scissors (Especially your fabric scissors), straight pins and iron. We also recommend you to start with cotton fabric, working with jersey or other flexible material to allow a simple pattern but still a complicated project.

Step 2: Know your sewing machine

Sewing is also a lot more enjoyable when you know exactly how your machine works. Before you sew your cute summer dress or sleeveless blouse, it is important that you fully understand your machine. On the Internet, there are many films and articles that can show you exactly how a machine works. Do you not have a sewing machine? Then soon join our giveaway. Remember to find the best sewing machines for beginners.

Step 3: Test your settings on your sewing machine

This is a habit that you have to teach yourself !! Try on a small piece of dust out of your sewing machine and make sure the settings are right. When you put a pattern on the fabric and cut out, you always keep some leftovers. These leftovers are ideal to test with your stabbing or the settings of your sewing machine. Especially with smooth or stretch fabric, it is useful to begin to see what happens if you make a seam. If you do this in advance, it can save a lot of cutting-work!

Step 4: Learn to sew straight

Do you have little experience with the sewing machine? Then a first test patch containing a number circkels and lines have to be followed exactly. The circles are always a challenge! You have never made a line with an angle before? Practice it therefore! Press the pedal according to the line until the end. Make sure your needle is in the fabric and put the foot up. Then you can turn the fabric, the socket replace and continue sewing!

Step 5: Finish of seams

Even though no one can see the finish of your seams, and it might seem to be less important, good finishing your seam ensures that the result is perfect, or that the seam will never fall apart. The choice of finishing depends especially on the choice of your fabric. The easiest way is to complete stitch the seam with a zigzag stabbing. The best part is, of course, to finish the seam with a straight stabbing. Do you have someone with whom you could do this?

So, now you can sit and get to work!

The maintenance

A good machine does not require much maintenance: occasional light oil at certain points, and of course all the dust lint brush for storing the machine. For a good model, you can unclip some parts so that you can reach all areas in your brush. A good blow is also ok.

The price

Let’s face it: you do not have super good quality machine that will last for years at a price of less than 100 euros. But I do think that these devices meet the need of the most starters. I understand that you would not spend 750 euros on a machine, if you are not sure whether you love to sew.

But maybe you can make greater progress with a more expensive machine. Some good brands such as singer, bernina, Husqvarna, brother, pfaff, Toyota … also offer a version for beginners. You do not really need a computer controlled sewing machine of Brother just to make a simple skirt.

One last tip: surf around on ebay for some second hand sewing machine. It may be better to start with a good second hand sewing machine than a cheap new little device.

Also, the traders of sewing machines may raise thr price for a little bit for more accessories. You can also do your best when you get the machine of your grandmother which has stood in a closet for years ….

My ally is a Pfaff which is 30 years old, and still fine!

I hope this information will help you a lot if you have to make a choice.


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