A bar of weight training with light loads and a simple fitness bench help tone the muscles most of the upper and lower limbs.

Here are some basic tools/part of the best power racks and some recommended exercises you can do on these.

Fitness bar

By equipping more than 2 solid amounts of heavier loads and an adjustable weight bench, 6 basic exercises will follow a full workout at home to gain power or gaining muscle volume.

Objectives and materials needed

What to do with a single bar of weight training and some loads?

Discs muscle improvement bar


If one only seeks a muscle toning and improves cardio respiratory capacity, it is not necessary to equip wholesale fitness equipment. Indeed for the higher purpose, it must be able to make sets relatively long lasting approximately 30 seconds by moving a little loaded weight bar (30 to 60% of its maximum load) or even a single bar. So do not have a lot of iron discs; the amounts are not essential since the bar with used discs can be easily moved before executing the exercise.

Weight Bench type or fitness step

Low weight bench is a simple fitness bench or step which is useful to perform the exercises while lying down or sitting. The body pump, for example, is a method that applies this type of organization.

Solid amounts and an adjustable weight bench for a complete workout in power or muscle volume

Squat rack with a weight bar

To gain power or to gain mass muscle you need to work about 70 to 95% of its maximum load adjustable weight.

This imposes heavy loads, few repetitions (3 to 10) executed as quickly as possible to gain power or rather slowly instead for a volume gain.

For such purpose it is imperative to have strong and stable amounts to support the weight bar and expenses. A squat rack is perfect for this. An adjustable weight bench will also be preferable to ensure a more complete and varied workout.

Materials needed depending on the objective

Some recommended single work-out using a power rack


1 – Toning


Toning and muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory development capabilities


Series 30 seconds, weight bar lightly loaded (30 to 60% of its maximum load) or even unloaded, the rate of moderate weight bar running without load.

Necessary material

A bar of bodybuilding, some cast iron discs, a fitness bench.

2 – Power or Volume


Power and muscle volume, performance or bodybuilding


75 to 95% of the maximum load, heavy loads, few repetitions (3 to 10), maximum rate for a gain of power, slow pace to a volume gain.

Necessary material

A bar of bodybuilding, many discs, an adjustable weight bench, two solid uprights or squat rack

Basic weight training exercises with a barbell

The following table provides 6 exercises with power rack for all the body muscles.

Descriptions of the exercises


Bend the legs until the thighs are horizontal, while inspiring and extend the legs to go up while exhaling. The feet are flat during exercise, knees bending do not exceed. The front slot load with a variant of the classic squat to solicit the thighs and buttocks

Pull downs or rowing

Stand, palms downwards closer than shoulder width apart, torso straight, arms straight. Inspired by pulling the bar up and keeping it close to the body. Focus on raising the elbows, not hands.


Lying head to the edge of the bench, knees bent, lower back in contact with the bench. Arms outstretched, overhand grip bar. Inhale and lower the bar behind the head slightly bent elbows. Exhale while returning to the starting position. For maximum safety the sweater is first run with a bar equipped weight light loads with a particular emphasis on investment kidney and breathing.

Dead lift


Grasp the bar, arms outstretched, feet apart to shoulder width. Raise the bar in 2 phases: single contraction of the thighs and buttocks without changing the inclination of the back. Arrive below the knees, back contraction to recover. The dead lift is the best exercise for weight back.

Bench Press

Lie on a bench, buttocks in contact with the bench, feet on the bench. Palms downwards with spacing greater than shoulder width; inspire and down the bar by controlling the movement to the chest; develop exhaling. The bench press is the most effective exercise for weight training the pectorals.

Sitting developed

Legs are slightly apart, palms up, back straight, push up to end arms outstretched. Blow uphill, downhill Inspire.

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