Showerheads are nowadays in all shapes and models for sale from a simple, non-adjustable, to one that can be adjusted from soft to hard rays. There is also a growing interest in rain showers, which have become popular thanks to the emergence of the modern showers.


There is a big difference between the models in terms of ease of use, water conservation or appearance. Which is most appropriate for you depend solely on you. What you do need to consider the purchase? It is the goal you have in mind.

If you look at the design only, then the choice is supposedly determined soon. However, you must consider the pressure that comes from your hot water supply. Some showerheads require a certain pressure and if that can not be met, your shower water remains cold (or regular changes from cold to hot and vice versa).

A water-saving shower may reduce your water consumption of 10-liter to about 6 liters per minute. These savings can not be realized if you still has an old-fashioned kitchen, and boiler for hot water. But most water heaters, boilers, combi boilers or the use of district heating gives no problems. The tap pressure (the minimum required flow to get the water heater in operation) must be high enough. It is advised by Uneto- VNI to install shower heads with a capacity less than 4.2 liters per minute, to be determined prevention of comfort problems.

The shower hose at a low flow showerhead has to cope with the increased pressure that builds up in the hose. This pressure arises because the resistance in this shower head is larger than in a standard shower head.

Mounting location of shower heads

To shower, you need enough water and so does a showerhead. The showerhead can be mounted on a hook on the wall, on the ceiling, on a slide bar or hand held as handheld shower. The choice is huge, but again depending on the current situation in your bathroom. Not anyone can remodel his bathroom to apply the latest trends. Most people will, therefore, have a shower head mounted on the wall, or on a sliding rod to set the proper height.

It has become quite fashionable to have a shower which in turn can produce a good rain shower, and be mounted on the ceiling. The walk-in showers are generally larger than the traditional showers, which are often only 80 x 80 cm. The rain showers often also have a ball joint at the upper side, so that the beam is slightly adjustable.

Water ray

You can now choose a showerhead with a single beam, in which there is a choice of standard or saving model. Furthermore, there are massage showerheads with an adjustable hard jet or relaxing rain shower with up to 180 ports and a broad stream of droplets, the idea is giving you the feeling of walking into a soaking rain. It is not true that the latter costs far more water than with the traditional shower heads, because these rain showers are water saving by adding air circulation in the passage of water through the head.

Cozy together in pairs in the shower? There are new dual showerhead.

Today, most bathrooms are equipped with a thermostat. These cranes consume much less hot water as a normal traditional shower faucet.

The variety of options from which to choose is, both in technical terms and in terms of design, very extensive in recent years and makes it easier to choose the right showerhead. Please be informed well and certainly not just go for the cheapest. You will probably regret it in the near future.

Shower head with lighting

One of the novelties is the shower with lighting. The lighting consumes no power, but is driven by the turbine effect of the water jet. The “Rainbow” shows six different colors and those colors change after about 5 to 7 seconds. Installation of this showerhead is simple. Just screw your old look simple off and replace by the new one with the colors on it.

Also, there is the LED shower head, which colors depending on the temperature of the water. White is cold, blue means lukewarm, purple is warm and red means hot.


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