To obtain and maintain a closed, nice deep green lawn you need regular mowing. But in the active growing season, the grass mowing is the main job. Some gardeners find this tedious. Therefore, choose the right lawn mower for optimum cutting pleasure, as long as the grass grows, it must be mowed. In this article, we will focus on how to find best electric lawn mower.


Content of the article:

  • Choose the right mower
  • Cylinder mower
  • Rotary mower
  • Rider
  • Cutting height
  • Maintenance
  • Safety Precautions

Choose the right mower

There are hand mowers, electric mowers and mowers with a petrol engine. The best choice is a big mower with plenty of power, but if you do not have a big repository, it will be more practical to opt for a smaller and lighter model. For most lawn mowers, you can set the blades smoothly up or down: so you not only can mow easier, but also reap the correct cutting height.

A mower with a container is very practical. To turn the clippings leave to mulch: buy a mower that grinds clippings.

Electric mowers:

  • Its light, smooth starting and require little maintenance.
  • They are useful for lawns near the house, which are equipped with electrical outlets.

Gasoline mowers:

  • Heavier than electric mowers and they also have a larger cutting width.
  • They do not have cable so they are more convenient while mowing large areas.

Cylinder mower


This type is used in order to obtain a fine striped lawn. The blades give a nice clean cut and provide a high-quality finish of the lawn. Moving knives cut against a fixed blade, such as scissors, making the blades of grass are not bruised. The front part determines the cutting height and roll back form the stripes.

Hand mowers are ideal for small lawns: they are light, small and usually have four knives

Rotary mower

Rotary mowers are driven becoming disabled. They give a somewhat messy stubble, but some can also mulch or streaks rolling. The rotating blades cut the grass at high speed down: the rotating blade is given in such a way, so that the blades of grass cuttings do not fall back on the lawn, but swirling upwards and end up in the tray.

There are also electric rotary lawn mowers on an air cushion that require little effort and are very useful on steep slopes.
Rotary mowers can mow wet grass too.


  • These machines are very useful for larger lawns which is from 100 sqm, but they do take up a lot of space.
  • Garden tractors are available with working widths from 63 cm to 122 cm.
  • They have a capacity of 6hp to 22HP.
  • They have a container of 160 to 240 liters.

Cutting height

  • The ideal height of cut is determined by the season. Mow often and not too short, up to one third of the grass blade. If you mow the grass too short, you will hinder the growth of new shoots, allowing grass to die. If the grass is too long, you mow it a few times briefly: start at the highest setting and set the mower in the next operation progressively lower.
  • Ornamental Lawn: never less than two centimeters.
  • Play Lawn: never less than three centimeters.


  • After each mowing you need to clean the mower, remove all grass clippings and wipe the blades with an oily rag. Then lubricate the moving parts.
  • Make sure the blades always remain sharp, as blunt blades can tear up the grass.
  • Knives of a rotary mower may be easily removed.
  • Grinding is done with an oil stone, a diamond cutter or a file.
  • There are tools for sale that you can sharpen the blades of a cylinder mower, but these are not always successful.

Safety Precautions


  • Lay the electric cable on your shoulder for long cables while mowing.
  • Buy a mower with a circuit breaker.
  • Use electrical equipment: Never during or just after a rainstorm and also cutting wet grass.
  • Never touch a damaged cord before the contact is broken.
  • Wire Mower / brush cutter: protective clothing, safety shoes, safety glasses and earplugs are not a luxury when mowing. It is also advisable to keep people and animals at a distance, to protect from flying objects.

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