1. Install a tipi, super star of the children’s room

Good idea to sting: install a tepee in the nursery; we cannot do more trends right now. True small shack secrets, your child will play with Indian and will invite his friends.

In addition, this decorative accessory is very simple to achieve: 5 wooden stakes, string and fabric scraps, and voila in a teepee too cute for your little room!

  1. Pimper the white wall of the nursery with black dots

Good idea deco stitching: cheer up the white wall with black dots in the child’s room. When you put on a white decor, the trick is to enhance and give it more personality: bring touches of color or black to contrast. Here it is inspired with this sleek room that relies on a simple idea deco and damn effective: drawing in black paint circles on the white wall.

  1. Stain the nursery with punchy bed linen

Good idea to bite: bring color into the nursery with vitamin bed linen. It’s super simple and effective. And above all, we dare original graphics, fun patterns and bright colors; not to mention the neon! No limit when it comes to pimp the kingdom of toddlers. We also like the black painted headboard wall contrasting with pace, and the garland decoration made from felt scraps; easy homemade achieve with your child on Wednesday afternoon or Saturday.

  1. Decorate the walls with shaped storage of small houses

Good idea deco stitching: these little poetic houses that animate the wall of the nursery, and offer 100% interior storage.

Our tip: ready to assemble – or for the more adventurous, manufactured with wooden planks – and paint them to contrast with the color of the wall; or even use masking tape on the edges. They thus appear like paintings on the walls of the room. Then place there the niceties of our little darlings such a small cabinet of curiosities. Yippee, the room gets really decor!

  1. Suspend paper balls to decorate the children’s room

Good idea deco stitching: decorate the children’s room with a bunch of colored balls blister and tissue paper. Hanging cluster, the number of three, four or five, they bring a touch of lightness to the room.

  1. Boosting children’s room with a hanging chair rattan

Good idea deco stitching: the hanging chair rattan in the child’s room. Ideal for a reading session in a funny chair; garnish with cushions to make it really cozy. And maybe that your child will join the arms of Morpheus with much comfort …

Note: you can even restyle classic chair with feet on which you attach a thick rope and ceiling hook, bought for twenty Euros in DIY stores.

  1. Paint a wall color to meet the decor of the nursery

Good idea deco stitching: the painted bedroom wall in a blue slate color, really trend. And yes, in the nursery, we have the right to a little folly; including wall madness. So why not dare new wall color?. Note: paint the upper part of the wall allows to visually reducing too high ceiling.

  1. Hang a decorative part in the child’s bedroom

Good idea deco stitching: install on one wall, a frame with a deco poster – or several smaller frames to choose from, depending on the desired rendering. We choose a colorful poster to messages, a movie poster or a reproduction of painting, in short we pimpe the children’s room with a personal touch.

  1. Create a lounge area ideal for reading in the children’s room

Good idea deco stitching: a cute lounge area in the nursery. Nothing is easier to offer him/her a relaxation corner in his/her room accumulate several floor cushions arranged in a bench against the wall, top with decorative cushions and small stuffed animals, and played around for personalized sitting area.

  1. Install small thin shelves to expose its first readings

Good idea deco stitching: choose decoration and delicate display shelves retain the idea of small shelves “lines” where to put books, or small decorative frames; to place the child’s height so that it can reinvent its own decor! And accumulate in height or width, depending on the desired decorative effect.

  1. Choose a designer chair to boost the decor of the nursery

Good idea deco stitching: the pastel pink designer chair permeates the bedroom decor in a contemporary style, definitely. Another plus: the rocker to rock your baby before installing it in its crib. We also like the painted wall with two all soft shades for a poetic room. And also, the suspended metal frame which displays baby clothes: canon!

  1. Decorate the walls of the children’s room with a decorative sticker

Good idea deco stitching: the wall sticker full of tenderness brings a poetic touch to the nursery. Easily repositionable sticker allows you to change the decor in a jiffy. Another plus: choose a phosphorescent model to illuminate child’s nights!



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