The paper shredders come in all sizes, shapes and capacities. Choosing the right paper shredder will save your time and money. I will help you with some basic questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge, so you can eliminate from your list a lot of shredders.

What are the Most Common complaints of paper shredders?

The most common complaint is

  • “My crusher Keeps jamming.”
  • Engine overheating
  • I have to change the bag Too Often

First, if the paper shredder keeps jamming, it means that you are putting too much sheets of paper in the crusher. Before buying a paper shredder, be aware of the number of sheets of paper you want to shred at one time. Also note that if you need to shred 25 sheets of paper at a time, do not buy a paper shredder that will destroy “up to” 25 sheets.

It is recommended to find a paper shredder to destroy AT LEAST 20% more than necessary. If you need to shred 25 sheets of paper at a time, buy one that cut up to 30 sheets of paper at a time. Also note that it may increase the crushing volume in the coming years.

Note that not all paper shredders are designed to operate continuously. Many paper shredders have a security mode that shut the engine off if it overheats. This is to prevent the engine damage. Many manufacturers of paper shredders set the time to put thermally protection for their crushers.

It is highly recommended to buy a paper shredder that has capacity for continuous service. You never know when you may need to destroy a large amounts of paper in one day. Most paper shredders will say “continuous service” in the box. Buyer online may have noticed that most sites also indicate “continuous service” as a feature.

Are the paper shredders are full too fast?

Many people do not Realize it, but strip cut paper shredder fill a container, on average, almost 60% faster than a cross cut paper shredder. This is because the cross cut shredders, also known as confetti cut shredder, cut paper into smaller and more compact pieces. Some best paper shredders cut paper into smaller pieces that requires even less bag changing. Also note that, there are the shredders which are available with larger boxes.

Many people want to be able to shred paper without the worry for staples or paper clip. In the past, metal parts definitely ruined the blades of the machine. They now make blades can handle staples and paper clips. Again, you will usually find it on the web page or box, so you do not have to take more than a glance. However, it is recommended not to crush those pieces of metal as it is not good to have the assurance that a paper clip or staple will ruin the crusher.

There are many brands of paper shredders are available in the market. Many department stores sell paper shredders or cheap Chinese data shredder which are broken easily. There are some trusted brands that are made of quality parts that will give you an edge over STI durability. These brands include Destroyit, HSM, Life Offis, Intimo, Dahle, Formax and Kobra.

Many of these shredders are engineered and manufactured in Germany, the Germans are now known for their quality of paper shredders.

Last but not least is the maintenance. The maintenance of proper data shredder or STI extend life for several years. Many people do not realize it, but paper shredders need to be greased occasionally. This is not a complicated or messy process like changing your car’s oil process. It simply involves squirting oil on a piece of paper and pass it through the shredder. It is recommended to oil the shredder every time you change the bag.

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