The WC430 is available in a beige computer enclosure, with its transmitter, for $249.99. The W600 900 MHz wireless applications that include karaoke, business presentations and religious services as well as functions in schools, public auditoriums and elsewhere.

The W600 system includes a wireless cardioid microphones with a unidirectional polar pattern that rejects unwanted off-axis sounds for minimal background noise. A comfortable, fluted handgrip houses the unit’s 900 MHz radio frequency transmission circuitry as well as an on/off switch. Power comes from a 9-volt battery.

To allow the simultaneous use of two mikes, two different units are available, each with a different 900 MHz-range transmission frequency and color-coding to distinguish it.

The system also includes a dual-frequency companion receiver that operates on standard 110-volt household current. This can be connected to any amplifier by means of a supplied cable or to a pair of Recoton’s 900 MHz wireless speakers, with which the W600 is fully compatible.

The W600 can be used in conjunction with Recoton’s W200SX or W500 wireless headphones, which make ideal assistive-listening devices. Available immediately, the W600 microphone and companion receiver sells for $349.99. Add-on and/or replacement microphones are sold separately for $149.99.

The W641 system combines Recoton’s 900 MHz wireless microphone with a pair of amplified wireless two-way speakers to create a transportable public address system. The microphone is a wireless cardioid model with a unidirectional polar pattern that rejects unwanted off-axis sound. Its fluted handgrip houses 900 MHz transmission circuitry, and an on/ off switch is included for convenience. The size and wireless capability of the companion speakers allows them to be moved easily.

A two-way, bass reflex design provides clear sound transmission, and the 20 watt amplifier built into each speaker is powerful enough to provide sound that fills even large spaces. As well as its own amplifier, each speaker includes RF receiving circuitry. Each also employs a supplied adaptor that plugs into any AC outlet. Suggested retail is $449.99.

Recoton’s BullsEye is an amplified TV/FM antenna ideal for general use and for homes equipped with the new RCA Digital Satellite system. DSS does not deliver local programming broadcast over channels 2 through 13. Many DSS subscribers are expected to live in areas a substantial distance from TV transmitters, and BullsEye provides an effective cost-efficient way for them to receive these programs. BullsEye’s ultra-low noise amplification circuitry improves reception of TV programs broadcast from up to 125 miles away as well as enhancing reception of AM and FM broadcasts. Using BullsEye results in VHF signal gains up to 24 decibels, gains of up to 29 dB with UHF signals and up to 12 dB FM signal gains.

The antenna also features circuitry that reduces radio frequency interference, which causes annoying signal interruptions from such sources as CB radio transmissions. An omnidirectional reception pattern, achieved through the use of a sophisticated Quad-Yagi circuit, eliminates the need for aiming the antenna toward various station transmitters. A sealed copolymer housing, which resists ultraviolet rays and is immune to other hostile weather conditions, suits BullsEye for outdoor mounting. BullsEye carries a $139.95 suggested retail.

Recoton’s cellular catalog continues to grow and now includes more than 500 SKUs, some of which will be spotlighted at WCES.

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