Recoton Corp plans to display its wireless home theater speaker line in its 1995 WCES display. The wireless speakers are intended to be places at the sides and rear of a room. The 900 MHz W450 speaker contains a high power amplifier and is suitable for serious music buffs. The W410 us a dome-shaped speaker with battery power and is designed for use outdoors. Recoton will also display the W600, WHT462, and other wireless speakers.

Recoton Corp.’s 1995 WCES display will put the spotlight on its wireless home theater speaker line.

The series employs 900 MHz radio frequency transmission technology in its surround satellites and subwoofer, and the home theater speakers are meant for placement at the sides and rear of a room, where running wires pose both logistical and esthetic problems, remarked Robert E. Borchardt, Recoton’s president.

“Eliminating that much wire removes a major barrier to home theater purchases,” he explained.

Model W450, a 900 MHz wireless speaker that contains a highpower amp and is said to meet the sonic requirements of serious music listeners, will also be on display along with the model W410,a dome-shaped 900 MHz wireless speaker with battery power for outdoor use. In addition, the 900 MHz wireless model W430, for computer and multimedia applications, will be shown.

Other products being featured at the Recoton booth are the model W600, a 900 MHz wireless microphone system, and the model W641, a 900 MHz public address system which combines wireless microphone and a pair of wireless speakers.

Model WHT462 surround-channel speaker, a two-way unit with a 5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, employs 900 MHz receiving circuitry and a built-in 25-watt amplifier. The wireless WHT421 subwoofer utilizes 900 MHz circuitry as well, and it contains a built-in 50-watt amplifier. A 10-inch driver assures highly dynamic reproduction of the very low frequencies so important to today’s movie sound tracks.

Both the WHT462 and WHT421 work in conjunction with the AWACS-styled WHT470 transmitter, which properly directs surround and low bass signals. The WHT470 is compatible with all home theater decoders and audio/video receivers, including those that employ Dolby Pro Logic circuitry. Prices are $399.99 suggested retail for a package that includes a pair of WHT462 surround speakers and one WHT470 transmitter

The WHT421 subwoofer, which is sold without transmitter, runs $299.99. The WHT470 transmitter can be purchased separately for $59.99. The Recoton home theater speakers that employ wiring are those used at the front of a media room, where cables are far less obtrusive. These include the model HT422, a two-way system ideal for front-left and front-right channel use.

The acoustic suspension model HT422, which offers performance characteristics matching those of its wireless sister models, utilizes a 6.5-inch woofer and a three-quarter-inch tweeter. Magnetic shielding prevents screen distortion when the HT422 is placed in close proximity to a TV, and power handling is a substantial 150 watts.

The HT423 center-channel speaker rounds out the Recoton Home Theater line. The wired HT423 uses a pair of 5-inch woofers and a half-inch tweeter. Dedicated to reproducing and localizing voices on movie sound tracks, it incorporates magnetic shielding as well and handles up to 100 watts of amplifier power. The HT422 carries a suggested retail of $219.99 per pair while the center-channel HT423 sells for $109.99.

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