Why should you go on vacation when you get home but you can also enjoy so much beauty? The children will play outside, in the nature and exchange many games together.

We all know that every season has so much beauty, but often we do not have time, we are too busy. If we intend to have a vacation, then we often choose to go abroad, why? Because we want to enjoy the sun, want to lie on the beach and want to go out, but why don’t you even enjoy it at your own home: a swimming pool set, a cozy terrace, cold drinks and then at home you have a wonderful holiday.

The big advantage of this is that you can sleep in your own bed on holiday and not too soft bed. Not too low pillow or mattress too hard, just home holiday celebration would be a real solution. No radio, no TV but just enjoy the nice weather. Take a good book, like you are on vacation and you will really enjoy all that beauty.

Snuggle up in the garden, a swimming pool there and together with the children camping in the garden. That can happen often from early spring until late autumn. Using pool heater you can enjoy all year round your pool. It could be a built-in swimming pool, but an Intex above ground swimming pool is also possible. There is so much to see and do even in your backyard and then you can sleep outside in good weather. Picnicking in the garden for breakfast and evening before relaxing with a homemade campfire. Ask your children but even if they try to prevent that, chances are that you do not have to ask again. They will be happy to go into the garden and everything already prepared. In this way, they immediately look forward to the next holiday, not hours in the car or on the plane and wait in a long line. But just stay at home and help out!

Children playing with your camping gear in the garden

The holiday is about to begin and you want to camp with the kids? If it’s winter it’s a bit chilly, but you can pretend. Put a special room inside the tent and make it extra cozy. A stack of comics there and the kids will be entertained for hours in their tent. If you have floor heating then the kids can run around with barefoot on the floor. They really get the holiday feeling.

You also do not have to put all your bags and suitcases to pack and unpack again later. Stay at home and do lots of fun things together. This strengthens the bond between you and your family members and you can also camp at home and enjoy all the fun. You can also just try it once and if it goes down well, then you can use every holiday here. Do you find so many fancy? Go with the children probation camp once. It will certainly please them and then you can have a nice lie together in a tent at the weekend. A delicious breakfast for the tent, perhaps first together to the bakery for fresh bread, such as holidays and then together enjoy the fine days as you have holidays!

Nothing is more delicious than luxuriate on an air mattress in the backyard. Hear the birds chirping; enjoy the sun and delicious doze off to sleep. Well-known brands are Aerobed, Intex airbeds and Bestway. Always choose a low air mattress. High air mattresses are more suitable for home use.

Besides, you can choose tent for family which has more than one room. Your children will love that because they have separate spaces to do what they want but still feel safe beside you. There are many tents for sale of renowned brands such as Coleman, Husky, Vango, Outwell, North Face, Big Agnes, etc. Besides, you can choose tent that fit your family members such as 4 person tent, 6 person tent or 8 person tent. Also have large tent for a group of more than 10 people, then you can have a family outing party with other families.



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