How to set the bathroom in value, fast and without any heavy-duty? Following article will give you some advises. From floor to ceiling, through the tub or the old mirror, you want to change your entire bathroom without any break or engage in complicated work. Here are our 5 ideas for a new spruce bathroom. After all, it is up to you …

1. Give the character to the bathroom with a PVC floor

The soil contributes greatly to the ambience of your bathroom. If the tile is aged or damaged coating, printing is immediately negative, even with beautiful facilities. The floor of the bathroom should not be sloppy. It must be comfortable to the touch, resist moisture and water stains, cream and shampoo. Vinyl flooring (PVC) has all these qualities and it is easily and quickly installed on any existing floor. You can select a vector in roll (2, 3 or 4 meters wide, depending on the room size), blades or slabs. If you hesitate between several models, compare their total thickness (which determines the contact comfort) and the thickness of the wear layer (which determines the durability of the product).

With PVC floors, boredom is banished. The choice is huge with affordable prices. You can opt for a parquet effect (white, old, teak), concrete, metal or even textiles. If you like floor made of resin, you will find PVC floor with the same look, without the constraints of implementation or drying period.

2. Bathroom: rebuild the walls in no time

For ultra quick and simple renovation, you can paint your wall tiles. You then get rid, in one morning, a seventies or eighties orange brown stains. There are several kinds of tile painting too, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions: one or two layers, with or without underlay … In all cases, surface preparation is essential. We must clean the old tiles, brush seals and go throughout a cloth with acetone to remove any grease that would compromise the attachment.

For non-tiled walls, everything depends on the state. An old wallpaper to peel must be removed, re-plaster wall before applying the finish with suitable paint or wallpaper. In the bathroom, use a special waterproof wallpaper covered with a PVC layer. If you like to personalize your home, you will find 100% PVC coatings made from your own photos.

If this all sounds a bit too tedious, you will like the waterproof panels for bathrooms. They stick easily on the old wall without surface preparation, then you will get a beautiful wall polished concrete effect without concrete and without touching a spatula. Sounds great, right?

3. Turn the bath tub shower combination

If your bathtub is in good condition and has a flat bottom, you can turn it into a joint shower by simply installing a nice shower screen and adjust the valve. To avoid restarting plumbing, replace your old faucet with a specific model: the shower faucet bathtub. This valve supports a column with overhead shower, a hand shower and a manual changeover to pass the bath shower mode to mode. One or two drill points will fix the assembly to the wall. Take some precautions before drilling a tile, or else if you risk the tile may be broken.

If you prefer to replace your tub with a new handset, you will find two types, with or without door. Such replacement requires no heavy work but you still need adjustment of the evacuation and recovery localized tiling around the bath to seal.

4. Coordinate the faucet for a piece of elegant water

Feel free to replace the valves of the bathroom, you will gain modernity and elegance while saving water. The new valves are in fact equipped with efficient aerator that cut by half the water used.

To add style to the bathroom, choose a coordinated faucets to fit the sink, tub and shower. Manufacturers offer complete ranges in all styles: retro, modern, design. For the sink, the choice is apprehended on three criteria: the valve it must be installed or built on the wall? Do you prefer mixer with 2 heads or mixer with single control? What are the height?

This last question is important, it determines the ease of use. The valve must be high enough to allow for washing hands without any discomfort but not too high to avoid splashing.

For a beautiful aesthetic, opt for purposes taps. The most elegant are designed in one piece without breaking or fitting. Straight lines (inverted L-shaped) are trendy. Finally, adopt a spout faucet waterfall and enjoy the pleasure of the water.

5. Makeovers express the bathroom with four winning ideas

Some very simple ideas can transform a bathroom and give it the look instantly.

– Repaint furniture using. For example, a painting that hangs whatever the medium (including laminated wood, glass and plastic). No need to sand!

– Change the furniture handles to match the style of the room. The choice of shapes, colors and materials is huge, stainless steel or leather….

– Replace the mirror by a lighting model to ease make-up or shaving.

– Install an electric towel to enjoy a gentle heat and warm towels in every season.

Remember that when you install electrical equipment in the bathroom, you must comply with safety standards. These standards define four areas (volumes) around the bathtub or shower tray. In each area, the facilities are regulated.


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