In all time, floors give character to the living room. More or less fragile, they are to choose carefully, depending on the house and its inhabitants. Parquet, laminate, tile, PVC or polished concrete each has their own strengths! Easy laying and maintenance, these are top 5 floors for living room.

1. The parquet: decorative and durable

Pleasant, aesthetic with good insulation, solid wood flooring is reputed to last over time. 100% wood, thickness of 10 mm and 24 mm, it has the advantage of being sanded to be renovated over the years, taking the stamp. The other option is the parquet that consists of three layers in which there is at least one timber. More fragile and less resilient, it remains a good alternative for living room in always bringing the charm with affordable budget.

Installation: Before starting, the soil condition of the living room should be clean, smooth and straight. The first floorboard always arises parallel to a wall. The other will be installed in a staggered, offset on each other. You had better to be well-informed before embarking! And whatever the style of installation chosen, always expect a higher amount of floor.

Maintenance: The parquet floor requires regular maintenance: Varnish, wax or oil, it’s up to you!

Price: between 15 euros and 125 euros per square meter of parquet or between 15 euros and 90 euros per square meter of parquet, depending on quality.

2. Laminate floors: cheap and stylish

Laminate floors which mimic the wood reach to a stylish interior. Decor honey oak, bleached or natural pine chestnut, laminate offers a range of finishes to suit all tastes! Its different thickness allow it to be resistant to impact and moisture. Between 7 and 11 mm, the laminate is also known as acoustic comfort, significant floor in the living room.

Installation: With a click system, laying the laminate floor is accessible to all. It requires a healthy soil and sometimes a sub-layer is required.

Maintenance: The advantage of laminate flooring is its easy daily maintenance. With a broom or vacuum and a wet mop, it is easy to clean.

Price: Between 3 euros and 30 euros per square meter, depending on quality.

3. The tiles: timeless and easy to carry out

Ultra strong, tiles are resurgent in the house. Shock resistant, it has the advantage of being natural in a healthy and hygienic living. There are diversified finishes today with more stylish, trend becomes particularly with cement tile. The tile is also recommended in case of installation of a floor heating.

The installation: A little technical, tiling is recommended for handyman. It requires a plotting and meticulous cutting tiles. They will then be placed on a mortar and then connected with joints.

Maintenance: Easy as child’s play, the tiles in the living room does not require any special maintenance (with the exception of certain materials such as cement tiles that regularly ask the protective oil application, tiles, marble, etc.)

Price: Between 3 euros and 150 euros, depending on quality.

4. PVC floor: practical and economic

Quite simple, PVC floors are easier to hang than to maintain. With a wide range today, PVC floors are now available in new designs and creative textures. Imitating stone or concrete, marble, zinc, oak or chestnut, as a slab roller or blades, they offer a very practical solution for the living room. Between 2 and 4 mm thick, PVC floorshould be chosen according to the desired comfort and strength in the living room.

The installation: A place with a glue or adhesive, PVC floor will be easier to handle in the form of strips or tiles. Accessible to all, it can be installed without difficulty.

Maintenance: Maintenance is simple, a wet mop is enough. The PVC flooring is nevertheless fragile and sensitive to shocks. Beware also the fire: it can also be burned with coals or ashes.

Price: Between 4 euros and 50 euros per square meter, depending on quality.

5. The polished concrete: strong, trendy

In tune with the times, the polished concrete never ceases to seduce us. For a modern industrial spirit or quirky style in an authentic house, the polished concrete is suitable for all the house and it is appreciated in the living room for its style and qualities. For a mix of lime, clay, water, sand and resin, it is now not only thin but also resistant.

Installation: It is best to hire a professional. The more adventurous will require careful preparation, good technique.

Maintenance: Fairly easy to maintain with a mop, the polished concrete has the advantage of not having joints. It simply cleans, avoiding bleach. A wax is applied every two years to restore the shine to the floor.

The price: about 120 euros per square meter (fitting included)

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