Enjoy all the beauty in the backyard

Why should you go on vacation when you get home but you can also enjoy so much beauty? The children will play outside, in the nature and exchange many games together.

We all know that every season has so much beauty, but often we do not have time, we are too busy. If we intend to have a vacation, then we often choose to go abroad, why? Because we want to enjoy the sun, want to lie on the beach and want to go out, but why don’t you even enjoy it at your own home: a swimming pool set, a cozy terrace, cold drinks and then at home you have a wonderful holiday.

The big advantage of this is that you can sleep in your own bed on holiday and not too soft bed. Not too low pillow or mattress too hard, just home holiday celebration would be a real solution. No radio, no TV but just enjoy the nice weather. Take a good book, like you are on vacation and you will really enjoy all that beauty.

Snuggle up in the garden, a swimming pool there and together with the children camping in the garden. That can happen often from early spring until late autumn. Using pool heater you can enjoy all year round your pool. It could be a built-in swimming pool, but an Intex above ground swimming pool is also possible. There is so much to see and do even in your backyard and then you can sleep outside in good weather. Picnicking in the garden for breakfast and evening before relaxing with a homemade campfire. Ask your children but even if they try to prevent that, chances are that you do not have to ask again. They will be happy to go into the garden and everything already prepared. In this way, they immediately look forward to the next holiday, not hours in the car or on the plane and wait in a long line. But just stay at home and help out!

Children playing with your camping gear in the garden

The holiday is about to begin and you want to camp with the kids? If it’s winter it’s a bit chilly, but you can pretend. Put a special room inside the tent and make it extra cozy. A stack of comics there and the kids will be entertained for hours in their tent. If you have floor heating then the kids can run around with barefoot on the floor. They really get the holiday feeling.

You also do not have to put all your bags and suitcases to pack and unpack again later. Stay at home and do lots of fun things together. This strengthens the bond between you and your family members and you can also camp at home and enjoy all the fun. You can also just try it once and if it goes down well, then you can use every holiday here. Do you find so many fancy? Go with the children probation camp once. It will certainly please them and then you can have a nice lie together in a tent at the weekend. A delicious breakfast for the tent, perhaps first together to the bakery for fresh bread, such as holidays and then together enjoy the fine days as you have holidays!

Nothing is more delicious than luxuriate on an air mattress in the backyard. Hear the birds chirping; enjoy the sun and delicious doze off to sleep. Well-known brands are Aerobed, Intex airbeds and Bestway. Always choose a low air mattress. High air mattresses are more suitable for home use.

Besides, you can choose tent for family which has more than one room. Your children will love that because they have separate spaces to do what they want but still feel safe beside you. There are many tents for sale of renowned brands such as Coleman, Husky, Vango, Outwell, North Face, Big Agnes, etc. Besides, you can choose tent that fit your family members such as 4 person tent, 6 person tent or 8 person tent. Also have large tent for a group of more than 10 people, then you can have a family outing party with other families.



Use Essential Oils for Sinusitis

Sinuses are located at the cheeks, around the eyes, forehead, and nose. These sinuses are connected by little channels to the nasal cavities and have a mucous membrane lining. When mucous membranes experience inflammation because of a cold or allergy, they cause blockage to the nasal passages and the drainage mechanism of the sinuses and this will make it difficult for a person to breathe. When this happens, there is a possibility of it leading to an infection called sinusitis. It can be relieved by essential oils which is a better option than having to take medicine every time you have sinusitis. Aromatherapy with the use of essential oils gives you great relief. There are essential oil diffuser reviews you can read so you’ll know which one would be good for you.

Steam inhalation

You can start this process by boiling distilled water or tap water before pouring it in a 5 cm heatproof bowl that is deep. After doing this, add in 7 to 8 drops of essential oil and the stir well. Lean your head towards the bowl before covering the back of your head and then inhale the steam using your mouth or nose. Continue to do this as long as there is steam coming out and the water is hot. If in case the water becomes a bit cold, you just have to reheat it. This process can be repeated as often as you want or until you feel relief. It is recommended that you use peppermint oil for this, but make sure that you dilute it with 2 drops of calendula, grape seed, or sunflower base oil while inhaling the vapor that comes out of the blend. What you can also do is to put a few drops of fennel essential oil on a handkerchief so you can inhale the vapor to get rid of sinus discomfort. Read More Use Essential Oils for Sinusitis

Sewing machine testing

We have tested the sewing machines. The sewing machine is best for you depends on how experienced you are at sewing and what you plan to do with the machine.

A good sewing machine should be easy to sew and adjust and have the stitches you need. It should not be more complicated than it needs to be. Most people use their sewing machine to sew curtains and trouser legs, perhaps to mend or alter the odd garment.

If you belong to them – it is enough that the machine has a straight stitch and zigzag, which everyone has. If you are a person who sew and design your own clothes, you want to create beautiful designs and decorative stitches, then you can stop reading here, this article is not aimed at you. Otherwise, at the end of this article, you can choose yourself best sewing machine. Keep reading!

Two types of sewing machines

There are two types of sewing machines: mechanical that you set manually and computerized, where you select a stitch on a display showing the settings and the presser foot to use. Read More Sewing machine testing

Comparison Guide of Meat Grinders

A meat grinder is not a simple kitchen accessory that is randomly selected. The choice of meat grinder must be carefully considered. Many criteria are attached to this decision: the use we intend to make, the versatility of the equipment and finally the budget that can be paid. All these criteria should take into consideration when buying a sustainable and effective product.

The selection criteria for meat grinder

To choose a meat grinder, you have to lay down certain criteria, criteria that will dertermine a grinder that suits your needs.

Above all it is important to know what volume of meat, and how often you use the device. Next, it is important to learn about the electrical power of the device. Not only a greater power is indicative of a better performance, but a larger noise emission also counts. You should choose the best compromise between performance and noise.

Lately, always inquire about the versatility of the device. Always opt for the model which allows for more variety in the culinary preparations. This results in several grid sizes, for sausages adapters, or even the possibility that the device may have to be grind vegetables without being damaged by the juice.

Meat grinders comparison

When one wants to buy a product, you shoul make a comparison, read user reviews and also make a test. In this article, we will help you by giving meat grinder reviews, so that you can consider all the charateristics, features, prices and brand and choose the most suitable one for you.

The various meat grinders models

There are several types of meat grinders. There are manual grinders, electric grinders and professional grinder. Manual grinder, as you might expect, are the mere use of equipment. They often work with cranks and suitable for a small amount of meat. However, they are not suitable for hard meat, or for prolonged use.

Then come the electric grinder. It is useful to make a distinction between professional grinder and grinders for individuals. The difference is mainly due to the price and performance of the device. Professional grinders do not necessarily have a greater capacity, but they can run longer without suffering the consequences of overheating.

Why should you use a meat grinder?

One of the main reasons justifying the purchase of the meat grinder is simplicity. Indeed, if you want to make a grinded meat recipe, you can achieve in a few minutes. So you can vary your meals. Moreover, when you have your own meat grinder,you no longer have to make the rounds of butchers, look for a specific preparation. One can simply purchase the right kind of meat, and have fun by testing recipes, and refining its own expertise.

Best meat grinders:

Although the defined criteria are useful to choose a grinder, it may happen in certain circumstances to have plenty of choice. In such circumstances, it can be used and comparative tests on the meat grinders as below for guidance:

Kenwood MG700

It is an excellent meat grinder of Kenwood brand. An ultra powerful 2000W motor will allow you to chop easily a lot of things. Its simple design and also accessories such as an adapter for sausages will satisfy you. Read More Comparison Guide of Meat Grinders

What makes a good shredder?

Shredder remains essential, both to preserve your identity or comply with the law on data protection. To ensure it is effective and suited to your needs, we invite you to read our guide to the best purchasing document shredders. When shopping, remember to check three essential characteristics: the level of confidentiality, the type of media to be destroyed and the number of users supported by the device.

The privacy level

One of the first tips to buy a good paper shredder is the privacy level of the unit. This is the most important because it determines the level of confidentiality of your documents to be destroyed.
DIN international standard on shredders has 7 levels. If the most basic is DIN 1, the highest performance is level DIN 7. Pay attention to this information when buying. The privacy level then will depend on the type of cut proposed by the unit: particles or strips. The size of the cutting also account.

Be sure to opt for a less destructive level 3 documents for the destruction of highly confidential records such as sales data or documents relating to the management of human resources. If you need a device that provides an even higher level of security, choose a destructive level documents 3 or 4 which proposes a particle cut or cross cut.

The type of paper to destroy

In the case of a shredder, you should make sure that the device is suitable for the type of paper to be destroyed.

A paper shredder will suffice to destroy identification documents or credit cards. However, orient yourself a shredder that integrates different cutting blocks to ensure the destruction of more solid materials such as CDs or DVDs.

Consider choosing a shredder that is even more powerful to destroy material containing highly confidential records, such as old hard drives …

The number of users supported by the shredder

Before choosing where to buy a new shredder, you must be interested in another important criterion: the number of users supported by the device. This article will give you an overview of the destructive capacity.

Be sure to determine in advance the frequency of use for the device: you plan to use it occasionally for storage at home or in your daily business?

To give you an overview, a destroyer with a capacity of 100 L will be ideal for business used by 10 people or more in administrative services. If your company has 8 or fewer, a shredder of 30 L to 100 L or less will suffice. For individual use, against, you can choose a shredder from 18-25 L.

Paper shredder reviews

Buying a shredder is an important investment, whether for home or office use. How to choose the best shredder? For this, consider the following products

Fellowes Powershred P-35C Cross-Cut Personal Shredder with Safety Lock

Read More What makes a good shredder?

All things about an embroidery machine

In addition to the sewing machine, there are other machines for sewing and tailoring such as overlock machine, serger machine or knitting machine. Of those, embroidery machine is ideal in addition to the sewing machine.

The embroidery machine is the perfect addition to the sewing machine

  • The best embroidery machine allows you to customize your work.
  • Whether for pleasure or expand a business, it is ideally fast and offers outstanding reproduction quality.
  • The embroidery machine allows for embroidery as perfect as those made by sewing professionals.

Types of machine embroidery: mechanical, electronic

You can find various kinds of embroidery machines on the market:

  • The sewing machine and embroidery are also called both as a sewing machine embroidery,
  • The embroidery machine only,
  • Mechanical embroidery machine, electronic or computerized.

Read More All things about an embroidery machine

What Makes a Good Meat Grinder?

The meat grinder is an essential kitchen utensil to make your healthy and tasty preparations of meat recipes. Take care to follow our advice to buy a good meat grinder. Consider the three following characteristics before making your choice of meat grinder: the grills and accessories, flow and power for the electric models.

Buying Guide

Grids and accessories


Those who do not know how to buy a meat grinder of a better value must consider the grids and accessories available on the various models proposed.
Choose your future meat grinder according to the use that you will make. With that, a model comes with several grids of different diameters offers the possibility of various preparations: mash, stuffing, sausages, meats, hamburgers.
With a grid with very small holes, you can chop meats, grind the toughest ingredients. With a grid medium sized holes, you can shred softer ingredients to cook your burgers or meatballs. With a coarse grid holes, you can chop big things.
Before using a price comparison, evaluating also what additional accessories you want to get with your meat grinder. Depending on the model, manufacturers can provide an adapter in addition to kebabs, sausages a funnel, a tray or a grater. For storage of these accessories, some models are equipped with a compartment for this purpose.

The device speed
Expressed in mg / h or kg / h, the speed is a determining factor in choosing your future meat grinder. That is why we will explain its importance in our purchase of the best meat grinders guide. This rate determines the amount of meat or other chopped ingredients in an hour. Of the semi-professional electric models, it varies between 0.3 kg / h and 125 kg / h.
You can choose a meat grinder with a large flow, if you want to save time during your cooking, or you plan to use this unit to regularly grind a greater quantity of meat or other products. If it’s only to realize a few pots, a model having a small or medium flow is sufficient.

The power electric choppers
The power of the machine’s motor is the third characteristic to consider if you really want to get the best electric meat grinder. Depending on the model, it ranges from 250 watts to 1600 watts. In fact, it determines the speed or velocity of the apparatus, that is to say the amount of ground meat per hour, as well as its performance.
Anyway, electrical choppers are often adjustable, allowing you to control your own preparations. It should be noted that a more powerful engine is less intensive energy.
After verifying these 3 characteristics, consider another important question: “which meat grinder should you buy? “. Based on meat grinder reviews, we have one product that will satisfy you. Read More What Makes a Good Meat Grinder?

Fellowes Powershred – One of The Best Paper Shredder Brands You Must Have

Whether to protect your identity or your business against identity theft, comply with the law on data protection or simply organize your house or office, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right paper shredder. To help you choose a suitable one, ask yourself the following three questions:

There are a wide variety of paper shredders on the market and answer these three questions will help you find shredders category that best fits your needs.

  1. Where will the shredder be?
  2. How many people will use the shredder daily?
  3. What kind of document should be destroyed?

Based on paper shredder reviews, in this article we recommend you the Fellowes Powershred, one of the most powerful and effective paper shredder brands that you should have.

Prevention of paper jams, quiet operation, shredders Fellowes Powershred offer the features that you need. Fellowes offers a complete range of models to meet all your needs. Following are some tips to help you choose a suitable Fellowes paper shredder. Keep reading to find out! Read More Fellowes Powershred – One of The Best Paper Shredder Brands You Must Have

Which Earbuds Should You Choose With Less Than $100

Among the useful gifts to make this holiday season, why not choose high-end headphones for your music player? There are for everyone, to all ages. This article has compared four models best earbuds under 100 for your choice: Shure SE110, Creative Zen Aurvana, In-Ear Bose Intra, and Philips SHE9850.

Shure SE110: heir

About Shure product ranges, we really had impressed with its SE530, high-end headphones represents the ultimate in the field. Despite price

Supplied with a cover and an assortment of tips, the SE110 features a white and gray design which is not inevitably everyone’s taste. In fact, the look is sporty and easily portable with a business suit. Fortunately, a black version exists as well.

The comfortable Shure SE110 uses the same system as the SE530, the wire must pass over and behind the ear, such as professional stage monitors which they are inspired. You may get confuse at first, then you’ll quickly get the hang of for wear and take off. Read More Which Earbuds Should You Choose With Less Than $100

10 ways to isolate noise

The fight against noise inside the house is relatively complex. The noise through the walls, creeps by leaks, resonates in the walls … must be often combined with the devices to make tame. The best is to intervene at the source, by limiting the noise by absorbing with carpets, curtains and adapted furnishings. Here are 10 good ideas to isolate the noise.

1. Add a fake ceiling to reduce noise from above

Slamming heels, kids running and jumping … The impact of noise from above are among the most stressful. The sound passes through the ceiling but also spreads into the walls. The installation of a fake ceiling significantly improves the situation, provided that they can withstand without flinching a loss of height of about 13 cm!

Install a metal frame, a fibrous insulation and special sound proof pasteboard. You will get a much better result if your ceiling is detached from the ceiling or by the use of anti-vibration lines or using a frame-reaching, raised wall to wall.

This system controls the direct transmission problem and reduce about 25 decibel.

2. Insulate the walls to block sound transmission

To reduce the existing and block direct transmission walls, you have a choice of several techniques.the first is painting. It underlays for a reduction of 3 dB to 15 dB according to the frequencies. You can also opt for thin phonic plates (50 mm). The acoustic gain is about 15 dB. These two solutions are suitable for interior walls.

To further reduce noise, on a wall adjoining, for example, opt for a double metal framework. You will also install two drywall around a mineral wool. The final thickness will be about 70 mm and the acoustic gain of the order is 20 dB.

You can also add an insulator on a bulkhead, brick or plaster blocks. To not transmit the noise, the bulkhead must be disengaged against the existing wall.

3. Replace the windows to block the outside noise

New and efficient windows are your best defense against outside noise, traffic and human activities. To choose your new window, be aware that the soundproofing is better if the two panes that make up a double glazing are of different thicknesses because it is the difference of the two masses that isolates noise.

The result is further improved with a VIR (reinforced insulation glazing) of which one of the two glasses is laminated.

Finally, if you hesitate between two window types, look at their ranking AC (Acotherm). It indicates the window’s ability to reduce outside noise: AC1 to AC4 (for higher performance). With AC3 rated window, road noise will be reduced by 36 decibel (dB). This is significant.

4. Improve the sealing of old windows

If you can not change your windows, you have to improve their air-tightness to prevent noise from passing by changing the seals. You can find several models in stores. The rubber seals are very effective and easy to apply, they are adhesive strips. The silicone is present in a cartridge and applied by spray gun. The pose is slightly more complicated, you may need an online tutorial if needed. Joints arise on the frame of the window. They are practical, effective but not necessarily and very aesthetic. Also, at the window sill, put them instead in the opening (under the water jet), they will be more discreet.

5. Install acoustic vents that allow air but not the noise

One of the principles of noise abatement is to make everything tight: windows, doors, shutters coffers. If the air does not pass, the noise does not pass. However, it is vital to maintain good ventilation housing, which ensures the renewal of indoor air. The good compromise exists with acoustic vents. For the VMC, individual pullers, roller shutter boxes or even laying on masonry, choose acoustic air inlets or equipped with acoustic silencer. You will have fresh air, no noise.

6. Caulk the gateway to no longer hear the sounds

You hear everything that happens on the landing or on the stairs. Your landing door is insufficiently insulated. If you can, replace it with a reinforced door (more is heavy, the better it insulates!). The anti-noise curtain is a first solution, it is composed of several heavy layers of fabric and reduces pollution of about 20 decibel. Nothing prevents you to make it yourself. Make sure it covered well.

Then, install the seals around the door and a door bottom seal brushes. You must have the least possible space. You can also pad your door. There are ready-to-install kits upholstery. If you are a tinker, design your own upholstery using, for example, cork boards.

7. Equip curtains, wall paintings and furniture to prevent resonance and reverberation

Recent houses frequently experience problems of reverberation (echo effect) and resonance. Invite friends to dinner and noise quickly becomes unbearable as every word resonates. If the floor is tiled, it’s even worse. Several simple solutions help curb the phenomenon, by installing, for example:

  • Rugs
  • Double thick curtains on the windows
  • The stretched fabric on the wall, placed on a layer of fleece
  • A canvas to paint noise or sound insulation, plates or coils under your wall covering.

The furniture also have a significant impact on noise. A large open library with shelves of different sizes and various objects calm sound propagation.

8. A carpet underlaid to absorb sound

To reduce noise propagation through soil, install a carpet . A large mat reduces sound transmission by about 10 decibel, and 20 dB fora thick carpet. Also resilient should be underlaid under floating floors. Avoid asking your hi-fi speakers directly on the floor, use preferably supports or small furniture you have equipped the rubber pads of the feet.

9. Choose silent equipment

When buying fridge, washing machine or vacuum cleaner, check the sound level indicated in decibel (dB) on the instructions manual. A silent washing machine emits about 40 dB wash mode and between 60 and 65 dB in spin mode. If your hardware is old, install anti-vibration pads under the feet of the unit. Finally, for the tranquility ofyour neighbors, do not operate the washing machine at night.

10. Buy earplugs

It is these small wax earplugs, foam or silicone which makes many services. Do not leave home without them, they reduce noise by 35 dB.

If you incur acoustic improvement work in your home, consider simultaneously the thermal question. Many products isolate you both noise and cold.

If you live in a very noisy environment, close to an artisan workshop in the vicinity of a musician or if you suffer from the noise of engines and turbines, do not hesitate to seek the help of an acoustics . His intervention costs between 800 and 1200 euros.

Finally, if you live near an airport, you can benefit from financial aid for improving the acoustics of your home.


I change my bathroom without breaking everything

How to set the bathroom in value, fast and without any heavy-duty? Following article will give you some advises. From floor to ceiling, through the tub or the old mirror, you want to change your entire bathroom without any break or engage in complicated work. Here are our 5 ideas for a new spruce bathroom. After all, it is up to you …

1. Give the character to the bathroom with a PVC floor

The soil contributes greatly to the ambience of your bathroom. If the tile is aged or damaged coating, printing is immediately negative, even with beautiful facilities. The floor of the bathroom should not be sloppy. It must be comfortable to the touch, resist moisture and water stains, cream and shampoo. Vinyl flooring (PVC) has all these qualities and it is easily and quickly installed on any existing floor. You can select a vector in roll (2, 3 or 4 meters wide, depending on the room size), blades or slabs. If you hesitate between several models, compare their total thickness (which determines the contact comfort) and the thickness of the wear layer (which determines the durability of the product).

With PVC floors, boredom is banished. The choice is huge with affordable prices. You can opt for a parquet effect (white, old, teak), concrete, metal or even textiles. If you like floor made of resin, you will find PVC floor with the same look, without the constraints of implementation or drying period.

2. Bathroom: rebuild the walls in no time

For ultra quick and simple renovation, you can paint your wall tiles. You then get rid, in one morning, a seventies or eighties orange brown stains. There are several kinds of tile painting too, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions: one or two layers, with or without underlay … In all cases, surface preparation is essential. We must clean the old tiles, brush seals and go throughout a cloth with acetone to remove any grease that would compromise the attachment.

For non-tiled walls, everything depends on the state. An old wallpaper to peel must be removed, re-plaster wall before applying the finish with suitable paint or wallpaper. In the bathroom, use a special waterproof wallpaper covered with a PVC layer. If you like to personalize your home, you will find 100% PVC coatings made from your own photos.

If this all sounds a bit too tedious, you will like the waterproof panels for bathrooms. They stick easily on the old wall without surface preparation, then you will get a beautiful wall polished concrete effect without concrete and without touching a spatula. Sounds great, right?

3. Turn the bath tub shower combination

If your bathtub is in good condition and has a flat bottom, you can turn it into a joint shower by simply installing a nice shower screen and adjust the valve. To avoid restarting plumbing, replace your old faucet with a specific model: the shower faucet bathtub. This valve supports a column with overhead shower, a hand shower and a manual changeover to pass the bath shower mode to mode. One or two drill points will fix the assembly to the wall. Take some precautions before drilling a tile, or else if you risk the tile may be broken.

If you prefer to replace your tub with a new handset, you will find two types, with or without door. Such replacement requires no heavy work but you still need adjustment of the evacuation and recovery localized tiling around the bath to seal.

4. Coordinate the faucet for a piece of elegant water

Feel free to replace the valves of the bathroom, you will gain modernity and elegance while saving water. The new valves are in fact equipped with efficient aerator that cut by half the water used.

To add style to the bathroom, choose a coordinated faucets to fit the sink, tub and shower. Manufacturers offer complete ranges in all styles: retro, modern, design. For the sink, the choice is apprehended on three criteria: the valve it must be installed or built on the wall? Do you prefer mixer with 2 heads or mixer with single control? What are the height?

This last question is important, it determines the ease of use. The valve must be high enough to allow for washing hands without any discomfort but not too high to avoid splashing.

For a beautiful aesthetic, opt for purposes taps. The most elegant are designed in one piece without breaking or fitting. Straight lines (inverted L-shaped) are trendy. Finally, adopt a spout faucet waterfall and enjoy the pleasure of the water.

5. Makeovers express the bathroom with four winning ideas

Some very simple ideas can transform a bathroom and give it the look instantly.

– Repaint furniture using. For example, a painting that hangs whatever the medium (including laminated wood, glass and plastic). No need to sand!

– Change the furniture handles to match the style of the room. The choice of shapes, colors and materials is huge, stainless steel or leather….

– Replace the mirror by a lighting model to ease make-up or shaving.

– Install an electric towel to enjoy a gentle heat and warm towels in every season.

Remember that when you install electrical equipment in the bathroom, you must comply with safety standards. These standards define four areas (volumes) around the bathtub or shower tray. In each area, the facilities are regulated.


The 5 best floors for living room

In all time, floors give character to the living room. More or less fragile, they are to choose carefully, depending on the house and its inhabitants. Parquet, laminate, tile, PVC or polished concrete each has their own strengths! Easy laying and maintenance, these are top 5 floors for living room.

1. The parquet: decorative and durable

Pleasant, aesthetic with good insulation, solid wood flooring is reputed to last over time. 100% wood, thickness of 10 mm and 24 mm, it has the advantage of being sanded to be renovated over the years, taking the stamp. The other option is the parquet that consists of three layers in which there is at least one timber. More fragile and less resilient, it remains a good alternative for living room in always bringing the charm with affordable budget.

Installation: Before starting, the soil condition of the living room should be clean, smooth and straight. The first floorboard always arises parallel to a wall. The other will be installed in a staggered, offset on each other. You had better to be well-informed before embarking! And whatever the style of installation chosen, always expect a higher amount of floor.

Maintenance: The parquet floor requires regular maintenance: Varnish, wax or oil, it’s up to you!

Price: between 15 euros and 125 euros per square meter of parquet or between 15 euros and 90 euros per square meter of parquet, depending on quality.

2. Laminate floors: cheap and stylish

Laminate floors which mimic the wood reach to a stylish interior. Decor honey oak, bleached or natural pine chestnut, laminate offers a range of finishes to suit all tastes! Its different thickness allow it to be resistant to impact and moisture. Between 7 and 11 mm, the laminate is also known as acoustic comfort, significant floor in the living room.

Installation: With a click system, laying the laminate floor is accessible to all. It requires a healthy soil and sometimes a sub-layer is required.

Maintenance: The advantage of laminate flooring is its easy daily maintenance. With a broom or vacuum and a wet mop, it is easy to clean.

Price: Between 3 euros and 30 euros per square meter, depending on quality.

3. The tiles: timeless and easy to carry out

Ultra strong, tiles are resurgent in the house. Shock resistant, it has the advantage of being natural in a healthy and hygienic living. There are diversified finishes today with more stylish, trend becomes particularly with cement tile. The tile is also recommended in case of installation of a floor heating.

The installation: A little technical, tiling is recommended for handyman. It requires a plotting and meticulous cutting tiles. They will then be placed on a mortar and then connected with joints.

Maintenance: Easy as child’s play, the tiles in the living room does not require any special maintenance (with the exception of certain materials such as cement tiles that regularly ask the protective oil application, tiles, marble, etc.)

Price: Between 3 euros and 150 euros, depending on quality.

4. PVC floor: practical and economic

Quite simple, PVC floors are easier to hang than to maintain. With a wide range today, PVC floors are now available in new designs and creative textures. Imitating stone or concrete, marble, zinc, oak or chestnut, as a slab roller or blades, they offer a very practical solution for the living room. Between 2 and 4 mm thick, PVC floorshould be chosen according to the desired comfort and strength in the living room.

The installation: A place with a glue or adhesive, PVC floor will be easier to handle in the form of strips or tiles. Accessible to all, it can be installed without difficulty.

Maintenance: Maintenance is simple, a wet mop is enough. The PVC flooring is nevertheless fragile and sensitive to shocks. Beware also the fire: it can also be burned with coals or ashes.

Price: Between 4 euros and 50 euros per square meter, depending on quality.

5. The polished concrete: strong, trendy

In tune with the times, the polished concrete never ceases to seduce us. For a modern industrial spirit or quirky style in an authentic house, the polished concrete is suitable for all the house and it is appreciated in the living room for its style and qualities. For a mix of lime, clay, water, sand and resin, it is now not only thin but also resistant.

Installation: It is best to hire a professional. The more adventurous will require careful preparation, good technique.

Maintenance: Fairly easy to maintain with a mop, the polished concrete has the advantage of not having joints. It simply cleans, avoiding bleach. A wax is applied every two years to restore the shine to the floor.

The price: about 120 euros per square meter (fitting included)

New Cookware Sets From Regal Bow

Regal Bow plans to introduce two new sets of cookware in 1995. These are the seven-piece Kitchen Pro line that will cost $125.95 and come with a lifetime guarantee and the seven-piece Regal line that will cost $76.95. Both feature nonstick linings. The company will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 1995. Other Regal Bow product lines will be available in additional colors in 1995. The firm will have an anniversary party at the Housewares Show in Jan 1995.

As Regal Ware gears up to celebrate its golden anniversary, the cookware supplier is introducing two new nonstick sets that will be available to ship early next year.

“Kitchen Pro gives us the opportunity to target upscale mass merchants and department stores with a product that offers a lifetime guarantee and provides performance that the department store customer is looking for,” said executive vice president Steve Fraser. “Quality surpasses anything Regal has offered before, prompting the first-time provision of a lifetime guarantee.”

Read More New Cookware Sets From Regal Bow