Comparison Guide of Meat Grinders

A meat grinder is not a simple kitchen accessory that is randomly selected. The choice of meat grinder must be carefully considered. Many criteria are attached to this decision: the use we intend to make, the versatility of the equipment and finally the budget that can be paid. All these criteria should take into consideration when buying a sustainable and effective product.

The selection criteria for meat grinder

To choose a meat grinder, you have to lay down certain criteria, criteria that will dertermine a grinder that suits your needs.

Above all it is important to know what volume of meat, and how often you use the device. Next, it is important to learn about the electrical power of the device. Not only a greater power is indicative of a better performance, but a larger noise emission also counts. You should choose the best compromise between performance and noise.

Lately, always inquire about the versatility of the device. Always opt for the model which allows for more variety in the culinary preparations. This results in several grid sizes, for sausages adapters, or even the possibility that the device may have to be grind vegetables without being damaged by the juice.

Meat grinders comparison

When one wants to buy a product, you shoul make a comparison, read user reviews and also make a test. In this article, we will help you by giving meat grinder reviews, so that you can consider all the charateristics, features, prices and brand and choose the most suitable one for you.

The various meat grinders models

There are several types of meat grinders. There are manual grinders, electric grinders and professional grinder. Manual grinder, as you might expect, are the mere use of equipment. They often work with cranks and suitable for a small amount of meat. However, they are not suitable for hard meat, or for prolonged use.

Then come the electric grinder. It is useful to make a distinction between professional grinder and grinders for individuals. The difference is mainly due to the price and performance of the device. Professional grinders do not necessarily have a greater capacity, but they can run longer without suffering the consequences of overheating.

Why should you use a meat grinder?

One of the main reasons justifying the purchase of the meat grinder is simplicity. Indeed, if you want to make a grinded meat recipe, you can achieve in a few minutes. So you can vary your meals. Moreover, when you have your own meat grinder,you no longer have to make the rounds of butchers, look for a specific preparation. One can simply purchase the right kind of meat, and have fun by testing recipes, and refining its own expertise.

Best meat grinders:

Although the defined criteria are useful to choose a grinder, it may happen in certain circumstances to have plenty of choice. In such circumstances, it can be used and comparative tests on the meat grinders as below for guidance:

Kenwood MG700

It is an excellent meat grinder of Kenwood brand. An ultra powerful 2000W motor will allow you to chop easily a lot of things. Its simple design and also accessories such as an adapter for sausages will satisfy you.

Kenwood MG 510

American manufacturer of this product has been designed in order to offer a wide variety for cutting meat. Comes with several screens, it is also compatible with two adapters (kebbés and sausages). It is a robust and powerful (1600 W) grinder with brushed aluminum which make it appealing and satisfying.

Philips HR2726 / 90

Only available in black, this grinder is easy to use and offers quite a variety of outcomes (two screens and two adapters). It has a rated power of 350 W and features an automatic shutdown system to 1500 W. Very accurate and easy to use, it guarantees a satisfactory result, even with the hardest meats.

Cuisinart Mini Chopper CH4DCE

This meat grinder sports a more traditional design than others. Presented in the form of a mixer with a motor base and a polycarbonate bowl, it is equipped with a dual blade direction double rotation for chopping, mixing, emulsifying, whipping and more. Despite its relatively low power (250 W only), it provides satisfactory results. Its major attraction is its ease of maintenance.

DJ755G32 Moulinex

This Kitchen Appliances is a top example of the color expertise of Moulinex. Small, but with satisfactory performance, this grinder is equipped with five different cones. It has a good versatility at the time of commissioning. And in addition to test a variety of recipes, we will process vegetables and other foods with this device.

Test Moulinex ME 415132

This meat grinder is equipped with a suitable power with 1400 W for very small dimensions. Indeed, you will have in your hands a meat grinder that takes up little space and achieves great things.

What price for a meat grinder?

The amount of money that you are willing to invest in a meat grinder depends on the use you intend to make. If you plan to use it occasionally or you expect to make your own sausages regularly, the price will be quite different.

You can visit the website to find out more about meat grinders and prices of them. Enjoy!

What makes a good shredder?

Shredder remains essential, both to preserve your identity or comply with the law on data protection. To ensure it is effective and suited to your needs, we invite you to read our guide to the best purchasing document shredders. When shopping, remember to check three essential characteristics: the level of confidentiality, the type of media to be destroyed and the number of users supported by the device.

The privacy level

One of the first tips to buy a good paper shredder is the privacy level of the unit. This is the most important because it determines the level of confidentiality of your documents to be destroyed.
DIN international standard on shredders has 7 levels. If the most basic is DIN 1, the highest performance is level DIN 7. Pay attention to this information when buying. The privacy level then will depend on the type of cut proposed by the unit: particles or strips. The size of the cutting also account.

Be sure to opt for a less destructive level 3 documents for the destruction of highly confidential records such as sales data or documents relating to the management of human resources. If you need a device that provides an even higher level of security, choose a destructive level documents 3 or 4 which proposes a particle cut or cross cut.

The type of paper to destroy

In the case of a shredder, you should make sure that the device is suitable for the type of paper to be destroyed.

A paper shredder will suffice to destroy identification documents or credit cards. However, orient yourself a shredder that integrates different cutting blocks to ensure the destruction of more solid materials such as CDs or DVDs.

Consider choosing a shredder that is even more powerful to destroy material containing highly confidential records, such as old hard drives …

The number of users supported by the shredder

Before choosing where to buy a new shredder, you must be interested in another important criterion: the number of users supported by the device. This article will give you an overview of the destructive capacity.

Be sure to determine in advance the frequency of use for the device: you plan to use it occasionally for storage at home or in your daily business?

To give you an overview, a destroyer with a capacity of 100 L will be ideal for business used by 10 people or more in administrative services. If your company has 8 or fewer, a shredder of 30 L to 100 L or less will suffice. For individual use, against, you can choose a shredder from 18-25 L.

Paper shredder reviews

Buying a shredder is an important investment, whether for home or office use. How to choose the best shredder? For this, consider the following products

Fellowes Powershred P-35C Cross-Cut Personal Shredder with Safety Lock Read More What makes a good shredder?

All things about an embroidery machine

In addition to the sewing machine, there are other machines for sewing and tailoring such as overlock machine, serger machine or knitting machine. Of those, embroidery machine is ideal in addition to the sewing machine.

The embroidery machine is the perfect addition to the sewing machine

  • The best embroidery machine allows you to customize your work.
  • Whether for pleasure or expand a business, it is ideally fast and offers outstanding reproduction quality.
  • The embroidery machine allows for embroidery as perfect as those made by sewing professionals.

Types of machine embroidery: mechanical, electronic

You can find various kinds of embroidery machines on the market:

  • The sewing machine and embroidery are also called both as a sewing machine embroidery,
  • The embroidery machine only,
  • Mechanical embroidery machine, electronic or computerized.

Read More All things about an embroidery machine

What Makes a Good Meat Grinder?

The meat grinder is an essential kitchen utensil to make your healthy and tasty preparations of meat recipes. Take care to follow our advice to buy a good meat grinder. Consider the three following characteristics before making your choice of meat grinder: the grills and accessories, flow and power for the electric models.

Buying Guide

Grids and accessories


Those who do not know how to buy a meat grinder of a better value must consider the grids and accessories available on the various models proposed.
Choose your future meat grinder according to the use that you will make. With that, a model comes with several grids of different diameters offers the possibility of various preparations: mash, stuffing, sausages, meats, hamburgers.
With a grid with very small holes, you can chop meats, grind the toughest ingredients. With a grid medium sized holes, you can shred softer ingredients to cook your burgers or meatballs. With a coarse grid holes, you can chop big things.
Before using a price comparison, evaluating also what additional accessories you want to get with your meat grinder. Depending on the model, manufacturers can provide an adapter in addition to kebabs, sausages a funnel, a tray or a grater. For storage of these accessories, some models are equipped with a compartment for this purpose.

The device speed
Expressed in mg / h or kg / h, the speed is a determining factor in choosing your future meat grinder. That is why we will explain its importance in our purchase of the best meat grinders guide. This rate determines the amount of meat or other chopped ingredients in an hour. Of the semi-professional electric models, it varies between 0.3 kg / h and 125 kg / h.
You can choose a meat grinder with a large flow, if you want to save time during your cooking, or you plan to use this unit to regularly grind a greater quantity of meat or other products. If it’s only to realize a few pots, a model having a small or medium flow is sufficient.

The power electric choppers
The power of the machine’s motor is the third characteristic to consider if you really want to get the best electric meat grinder. Depending on the model, it ranges from 250 watts to 1600 watts. In fact, it determines the speed or velocity of the apparatus, that is to say the amount of ground meat per hour, as well as its performance.
Anyway, electrical choppers are often adjustable, allowing you to control your own preparations. It should be noted that a more powerful engine is less intensive energy.
After verifying these 3 characteristics, consider another important question: “which meat grinder should you buy? “. Based on meat grinder reviews, we have one product that will satisfy you. Read More What Makes a Good Meat Grinder?

Fellowes Powershred – One of The Best Paper Shredder Brands You Must Have

Whether to protect your identity or your business against identity theft, comply with the law on data protection or simply organize your house or office, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right paper shredder. To help you choose a suitable one, ask yourself the following three questions:

There are a wide variety of paper shredders on the market and answer these three questions will help you find shredders category that best fits your needs.

  1. Where will the shredder be?
  2. How many people will use the shredder daily?
  3. What kind of document should be destroyed?

Based on paper shredder reviews, in this article we recommend you the Fellowes Powershred, one of the most powerful and effective paper shredder brands that you should have.

Prevention of paper jams, quiet operation, shredders Fellowes Powershred offer the features that you need. Fellowes offers a complete range of models to meet all your needs. Following are some tips to help you choose a suitable Fellowes paper shredder. Keep reading to find out! Read More Fellowes Powershred – One of The Best Paper Shredder Brands You Must Have

Which Earbuds Should You Choose With Less Than $100

Among the useful gifts to make this holiday season, why not choose high-end headphones for your music player? There are for everyone, to all ages. This article has compared four models best earbuds under 100 for your choice: Shure SE110, Creative Zen Aurvana, In-Ear Bose Intra, and Philips SHE9850.

Shure SE110: heir

About Shure product ranges, we really had impressed with its SE530, high-end headphones represents the ultimate in the field. Despite price

Supplied with a cover and an assortment of tips, the SE110 features a white and gray design which is not inevitably everyone’s taste. In fact, the look is sporty and easily portable with a business suit. Fortunately, a black version exists as well.

The comfortable Shure SE110 uses the same system as the SE530, the wire must pass over and behind the ear, such as professional stage monitors which they are inspired. You may get confuse at first, then you’ll quickly get the hang of for wear and take off. Read More Which Earbuds Should You Choose With Less Than $100

Mass Merchant Home Centers

Mass merchant home centers such as Home Depot have made life difficult for independent home furnishing retailers, but there are examples of smaller stores that are surviving. In the lighting sector, independents have tried to avoid competing on price and looked for particular niches for which home centers are less suited, such as high-end items. Increased competition has forced independents to become more efficient and more customer focused.

There’s one big advantage to being a little fish in a sea of big ones:

You become a strong swimmer to avoid being swallowed

Such is the case of the independent lighting showroom. As such massive home centers as Home Depot, Builders Square, Hechinger, Rickel and others move into town and compete for the consumer’s dollar, the specialized lighting experts must work harder to make it.

According to industry estimates, home centers’ share of the $1.06 billion market for lighting fixtures jumped to 41 percent in 1993, up from 29 percent in ’92, while the specialty stores’ share declined from 58 percent to 51 percent. In number of units sold, home centers may have surpassed the specialty stores. To counteract this shift, showrooms are becoming more business savvy. Read More Mass Merchant Home Centers

Roundhouse Products

Roundhouse Products plans to introduce eight new CD/multimedia storage systems for home and portable at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show. Two of the storage products are for the home and six are portable units. The company has also signed a development and design contract with Avery Dennison. The home storage products will cost approximately $15 and $30. The portable units will cost between $7 and $45.

Roundhouse Products, a maker of CD/multimedia storage systems, will present eight new home and portable storage systems at Winter CES.

Press Conference at CES

In addition, Roundhouse will hold a press conference at CES to herald a new CD-ROM storage design and development relationship with Avery Dennison. Details of the deal, said Roundhouse officials, will be released at the show.

Featuring dual-pocket, clipable double sleeves that hold CDs and their companion booklets for easy shuttling between home and portable storage units, Roundhouse’s new introductions include two home CD storage systems and five portable CD units under the CD Projects brand. Also new is a portable phone/face plate case. All products will be available for first-quarter shipment.

Read More Roundhouse Products

How to Find a Good Contractor?

Especially with a larger renovation, the chances are that you have to hire a contractor. But where do you start with search? And what business do you have to consider even more to find the right contractor for your renovation? Below are the necessary tips and considerations to help you.

Where do you find a contractor?

There are thousands of contractors ranging from big companies with lots of staff to one-person businesses. A larger company may have the advantage that they have more experience but in a smaller company it is possible more personal touch.

You can find contractors on the internet or opt for a local contractor. Almost every village has one or more contractors. Hiring a contractor from the neighborhood has the advantage that it is easier to retrieve reliable references and experiences of previous customers. In addition, a local contractor will be familiar with the rules applicable in the local authority.

What does a contractor do?

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Seymour Housewares Corp

Seymour Housewares Corp expects its acquisition of laundry-care interest company Magla Products Inc to boost its annual revenues to $100 million in 1995. The acquisition should give Seymour a market-share increase from below 30% to about 70% for the ironing board pad and cover segment. The Magla purchase included Magla’s ironing board covers, pads, laundry accessories and ironing boards, as well as its 270,000 sq ft facility in Mooresville, NC. Seymour looks forward to consolidating the two companies’ product lines.

On the heels of its acquisition of Magla Products Inc.’s laundrycare interests, Seymour Housewares Corp. begins 1995 a more formidable leader of the $200 million category.

The Dec. 9 purchase from Magla Products Inc.

formerly laundry care’s number-two vendor–greatly enhances Seymour’s market share. The company’s grip on the pad and cover segment jumps from under 30 percent to an estimated 70 percent and its hold on the ironing board segment from below 70 percent to approximately 75 percent.

With the assimilation of Magla, Seymour says it expects annual revenues to reach $100 million.

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