What you should know about nebulizers diffuser.

What is a nebulizer diffuser?

A nebulizer diffuser is an electrical device that allows you to inhale drugs. The drug is dissolved in a liquid. The device converts the drug solution into mist or fog. You can breathe the mist in through a mouthpiece (or nose / mouth mask). Spraying is suitable for young and old. Drugs may be anti-inflammatories, bronchodilators, and antibiotics. In this article, we will give you some advice about how to use a nebulizer diffuser.

Advantages and disadvantages nebulizers diffuser

The advantages of spraying is that people who are severely short of breath, can till get enough medication.

The nebulizers diffuser has some disadvantages:

  • Most are quite large and therefore difficult to bring along with.
  • The atomisation takes quite some time, especially if you have to do it several times a day.
  • If the device is not cleaned properly, there is risk of infection.
  • The drug also works less effective.
  • Important: prescription and instruction
  • You may only use nebulizers diffuser on prescription from a doctor.
  • The equipment supplied is only for you. Other people should not use it.

It is important that you know exactly how to use and clean the appliance. Please ask doctor before you use a nebulizer, for detailed information. If you think that the atomization is not going well, ask for help.

Retention of the drug

It is important that you store the medicine properly. Follow all instructions from the pharmacy. Some medications must be kept in the dark or in a cool room. Medicine from the refrigerator often have to reach room temperature before you can inhale them. Please also always pay attendtionon at the expiry date.

Time, frequency and dose

You have to agree with your doctor how many times a day and at what times you need spraying. What dose you are using is also prescribed. It is good to discuss occasionally with your doctor or nurse if you have applied the correct schedule. Do you get physical therapy, then possibly vote with the physiotherapist how much time in advance you can atomize the best.

Parts and nebulizers diffuser

Nebulizer and compressor

The nebulizer is the cup (the cup) which the liquid of drug is put in. The compressor provides air pressure to convert the liquid into a mist.

Mouthpiece and mask

Preferably use a nozzle. This is meant to take into the mouth, and thereby to breathe in the mist. You can use a nose / mouth mask instead of a mouthpiece. Hold it with a rubber band. There are masks in different sizes. The mask must be kept as far as possible in order to avoid unnecessary nebulized drug is lost. Inhalation through a mouthpiece is generally more effective than freeze a large portion of the drug via a mask through the nose, as in the nose. A mask has the disadvantage that the skin around the mouth which may become irritated.

Expiration filter

Certain medications, particularly antibiotics, can when spraying harmful to people in your area who breathe the mist. To prevent harm, use a filter exhalation (expiration = expiration). This filter catches drug in the exhalation air and ensures that it does not get into the environment. The filter is required each time after the atomisation be replaced by a clean filter.

Storage case and battery

The compressor is often arranged a storage compartment where you can store the nebulizers diffuser, medicine and the mouthpiece or mask.

There are appropriate bags or briefcases where you can take the nebulizer accessories.

There are nebulizers diffuser working well on AC or on batteries. A fully charged battery is important to make sure that the compressor is working properly.

Before first use

We encourage you before first use of the nebulizers diffuser, boil in water with a little detergent for six to ten minutes in order to avoid possible deformations.

After each spraying:

1. First wash your hands.
2. Rinse the nebulizer after each use with warm water (not hot water, otherwise there is caking protein).
3. Wash the nebulizer after the rinse in lukewarm (not hot) soapy water with detergent and rinse again with warm water.
4. Dry it afterward with a clean, lint-free cloth or tissue. The nebulizer must be completely dry. Blow the reception by supercharged air.


How to choose the right self propelled lawn mower.

The greatest American pastime: mowing the lawn! Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our lawn. We like the look when it is cut, but hate the time and effort it takes to make it look good. Lawn care can be even more fun if you choose the right self propelled lawn mower for your needs. This can be an intimidating process with the wide variety and price range available. The following tips will help you ask the right questions, and buying the best self propelled lawn mower for your lawn.

Step 1: How big is your lawn?

If it is a hectare or less, you will need a 20 to 22-inch mower. For a half to three-quarters of a hectare, you should have a 21 to 22 inch lawn mower which displays with a higher power needs, and you should consider a lawn or garden tractor, when you mow more than three quarters of a hectare.

Step 2: The lay of the land

This is another important aspect to consider, we recommend a self-propelled lawn mower. The high-powered mowers are easier to handle in rough terrain, rear baggers opposed to the outlet side to make it easier to mow around bushes and flowerbeds.

Step 3: Type and density of grass

Check the type and the density of the grass on the lawn, in order to determine the size and rotation of the blade. The thicker the grass, the more power and greater knife you need.

Step 4: explore

Local zoning restrictions on noise, engine types, and other things. Air and noise pollution may also be a concern for you or your neighbors.

Step 5: Learn a number of conditions before you go shopping.

Mulch and collection – good mowers have both. Mulching cuts the grass into small pieces and distributes it evenly over the lawn (fertilizer). Bagging put all the grass into a bag, which must be changed or deleted.

Power can vary from 6 to 10 horsepower for most walk-behind mowers, up to 18 horsepower for riding mowers. Power determines the speed of the mower, and the rotation speed of the blade and the width of the bridge.

Deck is the housing around the blades. The longer the blades, the shorter the time. The larger the area that is cut, the greater must be the bridge. Steel bridges are more durable, but bunches of plastic or aluminum does not rust.

Turning circle is convenient as the smaller the radius, the easier it will be for cutting around obstacles in the garden. This is more important than riding mowers.

Self propelled lawn mowers are best for large lawns or on an incline. Select a mower with variable speed, so you can adjust the speed to run. The cost is a bit higher than push mower, but it is more fun and less tiring.

Push mowers are good for the level or small sites. They take a little more effort to push, but they are less expensive than a self propelled, and require less maintenance.

Electric mowers are ideal for small gardens, and neighborhoods that have noise restrictions. They are not made for cutting deep, so you will have to cut more frequently. Then there is the question of the cable – you can cut only if the cable is long, usually about 100 meters. Also, there may be the danger of cutting the cord. You can buy wireless versions with rechargeable batteries, which lasted about an hour to buy. Electric mowers are relatively cheap.

Reel mower is becoming increasingly popular, with smaller lawns and a desire to protect the environment. There is no maintenance because there is no engine. They cut closer, so you need less mowing. Reel mowers are not a good choice if your lawn is large or inclined.

Step 6: Where can you buy your new self propelled lawn mower?

Select a retailer that offers options of equipment for your mower. Dealers offer the service are better if you need someone to keep the mower for you. The best deals are often affordable, but this would make it difficult to get repair the lawn mower parts.

Now you have all the necessary information to make an informed buying a lawn mower. So get out there – the grass is growing and waiting for you

Useful tips for electric lawn mower.

To obtain and maintain a closed, nice deep green lawn you need regular mowing. But in the active growing season, the grass mowing is the main job. Some gardeners find this tedious. Therefore, choose the right lawn mower for optimum cutting pleasure, as long as the grass grows, it must be mowed. In this article, we will focus on how to find best electric lawn mower.


Content of the article:

  • Choose the right mower
  • Cylinder mower
  • Rotary mower
  • Rider
  • Cutting height
  • Maintenance
  • Safety Precautions

Choose the right mower

There are hand mowers, electric mowers and mowers with a petrol engine. The best choice is a big mower with plenty of power, but if you do not have a big repository, it will be more practical to opt for a smaller and lighter model. For most lawn mowers, you can set the blades smoothly up or down: so you not only can mow easier, but also reap the correct cutting height.

A mower with a container is very practical. To turn the clippings leave to mulch: buy a mower that grinds clippings.

Electric mowers:

  • Its light, smooth starting and require little maintenance.
  • They are useful for lawns near the house, which are equipped with electrical outlets.

Gasoline mowers:

  • Heavier than electric mowers and they also have a larger cutting width.
  • They do not have cable so they are more convenient while mowing large areas.

Cylinder mower


This type is used in order to obtain a fine striped lawn. The blades give a nice clean cut and provide a high-quality finish of the lawn. Moving knives cut against a fixed blade, such as scissors, making the blades of grass are not bruised. The front part determines the cutting height and roll back form the stripes.

Hand mowers are ideal for small lawns: they are light, small and usually have four knives

Rotary mower

Rotary mowers are driven becoming disabled. They give a somewhat messy stubble, but some can also mulch or streaks rolling. The rotating blades cut the grass at high speed down: the rotating blade is given in such a way, so that the blades of grass cuttings do not fall back on the lawn, but swirling upwards and end up in the tray.

There are also electric rotary lawn mowers on an air cushion that require little effort and are very useful on steep slopes.
Rotary mowers can mow wet grass too.


  • These machines are very useful for larger lawns which is from 100 sqm, but they do take up a lot of space.
  • Garden tractors are available with working widths from 63 cm to 122 cm.
  • They have a capacity of 6hp to 22HP.
  • They have a container of 160 to 240 liters.

Cutting height

  • The ideal height of cut is determined by the season. Mow often and not too short, up to one third of the grass blade. If you mow the grass too short, you will hinder the growth of new shoots, allowing grass to die. If the grass is too long, you mow it a few times briefly: start at the highest setting and set the mower in the next operation progressively lower.
  • Ornamental Lawn: never less than two centimeters.
  • Play Lawn: never less than three centimeters.


  • After each mowing you need to clean the mower, remove all grass clippings and wipe the blades with an oily rag. Then lubricate the moving parts.
  • Make sure the blades always remain sharp, as blunt blades can tear up the grass.
  • Knives of a rotary mower may be easily removed.
  • Grinding is done with an oil stone, a diamond cutter or a file.
  • There are tools for sale that you can sharpen the blades of a cylinder mower, but these are not always successful.

Safety Precautions


  • Lay the electric cable on your shoulder for long cables while mowing.
  • Buy a mower with a circuit breaker.
  • Use electrical equipment: Never during or just after a rainstorm and also cutting wet grass.
  • Never touch a damaged cord before the contact is broken.
  • Wire Mower / brush cutter: protective clothing, safety shoes, safety glasses and earplugs are not a luxury when mowing. It is also advisable to keep people and animals at a distance, to protect from flying objects.

Enjoy all the beauty in the backyard.

Why should you go on vacation when you get home but you can also enjoy so much beauty? The children will play outside, in the nature and exchange many games together.

We all know that every season has so much beauty, but often we do not have time, we are too busy. If we intend to have a vacation, then we often choose to go abroad, why? Because we want to enjoy the sun, want to lie on the beach and want to go out, but why don’t you even enjoy it at your own home: a swimming pool set, a cozy terrace, cold drinks and then at home you have a wonderful holiday.

The big advantage of this is that you can sleep in your own bed on holiday and not too soft bed. Not too low pillow or mattress too hard, just home holiday celebration would be a real solution. No radio, no TV but just enjoy the nice weather. Take a good book, like you are on vacation and you will really enjoy all that beauty.

Snuggle up in the garden, a swimming pool there and together with the children camping in the garden. That can happen often from early spring until late autumn. Using pool heater you can enjoy all year round your pool. It could be a built-in swimming pool, but an Intex above ground swimming pool is also possible. There is so much to see and do even in your backyard and then you can sleep outside in good weather. Picnicking in the garden for breakfast and evening before relaxing with a homemade campfire. Ask your children but even if they try to prevent that, chances are that you do not have to ask again. They will be happy to go into the garden and everything already prepared. In this way, they immediately look forward to the next holiday, not hours in the car or on the plane and wait in a long line. But just stay at home and help out!

Children playing with your camping gear in the garden

The holiday is about to begin and you want to camp with the kids? If it’s winter it’s a bit chilly, but you can pretend. Put a special room inside the tent and make it extra cozy. A stack of comics there and the kids will be entertained for hours in their tent. If you have floor heating then the kids can run around with barefoot on the floor. They really get the holiday feeling.

You also do not have to put all your bags and suitcases to pack and unpack again later. Stay at home and do lots of fun things together. This strengthens the bond between you and your family members and you can also camp at home and enjoy all the fun. You can also just try it once and if it goes down well, then you can use every holiday here. Do you find so many fancy? Go with the children probation camp once. It will certainly please them and then you can have a nice lie together in a tent at the weekend. A delicious breakfast for the tent, perhaps first together to the bakery for fresh bread, such as holidays and then together enjoy the fine days as you have holidays!

Nothing is more delicious than luxuriate on an air mattress in the backyard. Hear the birds chirping; enjoy the sun and delicious doze off to sleep. Well-known brands are Aerobed, Intex airbeds and Bestway. Always choose a low air mattress. High air mattresses are more suitable for home use.

Besides, you can choose tent for family which has more than one room. Your children will love that because they have separate spaces to do what they want but still feel safe beside you. There are many tents for sale of renowned brands such as Coleman, Husky, Vango, Outwell, North Face, Big Agnes, etc. Besides, you can choose tent that fit your family members such as 4 person tent, 6 person tent or 8 person tent. Also have large tent for a group of more than 10 people, then you can have a family outing party with other families.



Use Essential Oils for Sinusitis.

Sinuses are located at the cheeks, around the eyes, forehead, and nose. These sinuses are connected by little channels to the nasal cavities and have a mucous membrane lining. When mucous membranes experience inflammation because of a cold or allergy, they cause blockage to the nasal passages and the drainage mechanism of the sinuses and this will make it difficult for a person to breathe. When this happens, there is a possibility of it leading to an infection called sinusitis. It can be relieved by essential oils which is a better option than having to take medicine every time you have sinusitis. Aromatherapy with the use of essential oils gives you great relief. There are essential oil diffuser reviews you can read so you’ll know which one would be good for you.

Steam inhalation

You can start this process by boiling distilled water or tap water before pouring it in a 5 cm heatproof bowl that is deep. After doing this, add in 7 to 8 drops of essential oil and the stir well. Lean your head towards the bowl before covering the back of your head and then inhale the steam using your mouth or nose. Continue to do this as long as there is steam coming out and the water is hot. If in case the water becomes a bit cold, you just have to reheat it. This process can be repeated as often as you want or until you feel relief. It is recommended that you use peppermint oil for this, but make sure that you dilute it with 2 drops of calendula, grape seed, or sunflower base oil while inhaling the vapor that comes out of the blend. What you can also do is to put a few drops of fennel essential oil on a handkerchief so you can inhale the vapor to get rid of sinus discomfort. Read More Use Essential Oils for Sinusitis.

What makes a good shredder?.

Shredder remains essential, both to preserve your identity or comply with the law on data protection. To ensure it is effective and suited to your needs, we invite you to read our guide to the best purchasing document shredders. When shopping, remember to check three essential characteristics: the level of confidentiality, the type of media to be destroyed and the number of users supported by the device.

The privacy level

One of the first tips to buy a good paper shredder is the privacy level of the unit. This is the most important because it determines the level of confidentiality of your documents to be destroyed.
DIN international standard on shredders has 7 levels. If the most basic is DIN 1, the highest performance is level DIN 7. Pay attention to this information when buying. The privacy level then will depend on the type of cut proposed by the unit: particles or strips. The size of the cutting also account.

Be sure to opt for a less destructive level 3 documents for the destruction of highly confidential records such as sales data or documents relating to the management of human resources. If you need a device that provides an even higher level of security, choose a destructive level documents 3 or 4 which proposes a particle cut or cross cut.

The type of paper to destroy

In the case of a shredder, you should make sure that the device is suitable for the type of paper to be destroyed.

A paper shredder will suffice to destroy identification documents or credit cards. However, orient yourself a shredder that integrates different cutting blocks to ensure the destruction of more solid materials such as CDs or DVDs.

Consider choosing a shredder that is even more powerful to destroy material containing highly confidential records, such as old hard drives …

The number of users supported by the shredder

Before choosing where to buy a new shredder, you must be interested in another important criterion: the number of users supported by the device. This article will give you an overview of the destructive capacity.

Be sure to determine in advance the frequency of use for the device: you plan to use it occasionally for storage at home or in your daily business?

To give you an overview, a destroyer with a capacity of 100 L will be ideal for business used by 10 people or more in administrative services. If your company has 8 or fewer, a shredder of 30 L to 100 L or less will suffice. For individual use, against, you can choose a shredder from 18-25 L.

Paper shredder reviews

Buying a shredder is an important investment, whether for home or office use. How to choose the best shredder? For this, consider the following products

Fellowes Powershred P-35C Cross-Cut Personal Shredder with Safety Lock

Read More What makes a good shredder?.

All things about an embroidery machine.

In addition to the sewing machine, there are other machines for sewing and tailoring such as overlock machine, serger machine or knitting machine. Of those, embroidery machine is ideal in addition to the sewing machine.

The embroidery machine is the perfect addition to the sewing machine

  • The best embroidery machine allows you to customize your work.
  • Whether for pleasure or expand a business, it is ideally fast and offers outstanding reproduction quality.
  • The embroidery machine allows for embroidery as perfect as those made by sewing professionals.

Types of machine embroidery: mechanical, electronic

You can find various kinds of embroidery machines on the market:

  • The sewing machine and embroidery are also called both as a sewing machine embroidery,
  • The embroidery machine only,
  • Mechanical embroidery machine, electronic or computerized.

Read More All things about an embroidery machine.

What Makes a Good Meat Grinder?

The meat grinder is an essential kitchen utensil to make your healthy and tasty preparations of meat recipes. Take care to follow our advice to buy a good meat grinder. Consider the three following characteristics before making your choice of meat grinder: the grills and accessories, flow and power for the electric models.

Buying Guide

Grids and accessories


Those who do not know how to buy a meat grinder of a better value must consider the grids and accessories available on the various models proposed.
Choose your future meat grinder according to the use that you will make. With that, a model comes with several grids of different diameters offers the possibility of various preparations: mash, stuffing, sausages, meats, hamburgers.
With a grid with very small holes, you can chop meats, grind the toughest ingredients. With a grid medium sized holes, you can shred softer ingredients to cook your burgers or meatballs. With a coarse grid holes, you can chop big things.
Before using a price comparison, evaluating also what additional accessories you want to get with your meat grinder. Depending on the model, manufacturers can provide an adapter in addition to kebabs, sausages a funnel, a tray or a grater. For storage of these accessories, some models are equipped with a compartment for this purpose.

The device speed
Expressed in mg / h or kg / h, the speed is a determining factor in choosing your future meat grinder. That is why we will explain its importance in our purchase of the best meat grinders guide. This rate determines the amount of meat or other chopped ingredients in an hour. Of the semi-professional electric models, it varies between 0.3 kg / h and 125 kg / h.
You can choose a meat grinder with a large flow, if you want to save time during your cooking, or you plan to use this unit to regularly grind a greater quantity of meat or other products. If it’s only to realize a few pots, a model having a small or medium flow is sufficient.

The power electric choppers
The power of the machine’s motor is the third characteristic to consider if you really want to get the best electric meat grinder. Depending on the model, it ranges from 250 watts to 1600 watts. In fact, it determines the speed or velocity of the apparatus, that is to say the amount of ground meat per hour, as well as its performance.
Anyway, electrical choppers are often adjustable, allowing you to control your own preparations. It should be noted that a more powerful engine is less intensive energy.
After verifying these 3 characteristics, consider another important question: “which meat grinder should you buy? “. Based on meat grinder reviews, we have one product that will satisfy you. Read More What Makes a Good Meat Grinder?

Fellowes Powershred – One of The Best Paper Shredder Brands You Must Have

Whether to protect your identity or your business against identity theft, comply with the law on data protection or simply organize your house or office, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right paper shredder. To help you choose a suitable one, ask yourself the following three questions:

There are a wide variety of paper shredders on the market and answer these three questions will help you find shredders category that best fits your needs.

  1. Where will the shredder be?
  2. How many people will use the shredder daily?
  3. What kind of document should be destroyed?

Based on paper shredder reviews, in this article we recommend you the Fellowes Powershred, one of the most powerful and effective paper shredder brands that you should have.

Prevention of paper jams, quiet operation, shredders Fellowes Powershred offer the features that you need. Fellowes offers a complete range of models to meet all your needs. Following are some tips to help you choose a suitable Fellowes paper shredder. Keep reading to find out! Read More Fellowes Powershred – One of The Best Paper Shredder Brands You Must Have

Which Earbuds Should You Choose With Less Than $100.

Among the useful gifts to make this holiday season, why not choose high-end headphones for your music player? There are for everyone, to all ages. This article has compared four models best earbuds under 100 for your choice: Shure SE110, Creative Zen Aurvana, In-Ear Bose Intra, and Philips SHE9850.

Shure SE110: heir

About Shure product ranges, we really had impressed with its SE530, high-end headphones represents the ultimate in the field. Despite price

Supplied with a cover and an assortment of tips, the SE110 features a white and gray design which is not inevitably everyone’s taste. In fact, the look is sporty and easily portable with a business suit. Fortunately, a black version exists as well.

The comfortable Shure SE110 uses the same system as the SE530, the wire must pass over and behind the ear, such as professional stage monitors which they are inspired. You may get confuse at first, then you’ll quickly get the hang of for wear and take off. Read More Which Earbuds Should You Choose With Less Than $100.

What is a pack and play?

The pack and play consists generally of a (right) square or round surface, which in turn is surrounded by bars / grids. Sometimes, pack and play can be similar to cots, possess slip grid, which products can be removed and the child – at best under supervision – allow, leave the pack and play on your own or join can.

Pack and plays are among others also called walking school, since they actually mean a great support during independent hoisting, erecting and holding while running for the child. Therefore, it is important to adapt the growing mobility and size of the child with the height of the pack and play. The height of the grid must guarantee namely that the child unnoticed can not climb over or been injured while trying to do so.

Pack and play can be made of wood or plastic and fixedly attached to the base or be set up separately. They are available as a variant for the journey, as well as in combination with height adjustable shelves. Depending on the age of the child pack and play can be sheltered, mobile children’s and games room, it can be but usually move without major problems and take to where you currently a parent. This ensures that the child is always near and yet enjoys its own space, and its newly acquired skills always tried anew and thereby acquires a growing self-confidence.

Of course, the baby can also eat or drink in the pack and play, at least now and then. Insofar pack and play or the bottoms of the respective surfaces are easy to clean, yet not cold and slippery, eventually the child needs not only the maintenance of the rods when it pulls up, but also has on the ground have firm step. Pack and play can be equipped individually and thus delimit the actual nursery / cot, but simultaneously also provided with a positive cast, lest equating pack and play.

Why do I need a pack and play?

The pack and plays are useful aids to give the child a large piece of autonomy in learning crawling or walking, without there being danger of falling down things like CDs, books, vases, etc. Because the child tends always to pull himself up on furniture or other tangible just at or before the first steps. Because, of course, the pack and play is not yet fully able to assess risks of tilting chairs, tables or shelves or their content and the pack and play are so far very useful in that they exclude such risks completely and allow at the same time through the grid that the child pull alone and safely can stand.

For parents, the pack and play also mean a relief, the child may still be left unattended even for brief moments or much more even define its own space, in a way, define and acquire skills themselves, without, however, be present alone must. The pack and plays support the motor skills of the child and should be functional and safe in the first place. Especially, when you have two kids or visiting from other children, pack and play can also serve that children will engage together for a while, they can learn without mom or dad have for example help them when pulling up or running

Why pack and play should not be used, on the other hand equally important to mention. They should not be used as punishment or for keeping the child, so if the child cries, do not listen, you have to do something and the child sets (punishment) in the pack and play. Especially when children can not leave independently, inevitably creates a negative connotation and the playpen will be a really positive space rejected in the sense of a small, mobile game room in the future.

Regarding the cleaning you should, especially in metal and plastic, make sure that can make the pack and play thoroughly clean, remuneration and deposits should be washed machine washable or at least with hand washing and also in the size exactly match the dimensions of the pack and play to avoid gaps.

Finally, one should pay attention to stability and steadiness. This is above all to be considered as playpens are often loaded on one side, as soon as the child pulls on one side

How to choose the right essential oil diffuser?

The myriad of information that can be found on the various broadcasters to choose sometimes becomes tricky. We offer you all the information to help you fully understand what the different categories of broadcasters in order to better choose the one that will meet your expectations and needs.

There are basically five categories of essential oil diffusers. Each has its strengths.

The foggers

Also called essential oil misting diffuser, it is the most traditional and probably the most effective diffusers. They always consist of a glass portion and a generally concealed pump in the diffuser base. The principle is, the essential oil is then sucked and blown propelled at high speed against the glass wall, creating a mist of pure essential oil (that is to say, thousands of micro oil particles essential in air). These micro particles are then propelled the top of the glass in your room.

The strengths of these broadcasters are numerous:

  1. First, the broadcast is cold, the properties of essential oils are perfectly preserved.
  2. The molecules of essential oils are split on impact against the glass (they are micronized, hence, the name sometimes given to this micro diffuser), this frees up active ingredients and scents. This is the best way to leverage the properties of your essential oils.
  3. The distribution is based on pure essential oils. These diffusers are powerful and can quickly treat large areas (up to 100 m2 in 30 minutes).
  4. The power is adjustable to suit the size of your room and your needs.


  1. It requires minimal maintenance (cleaning 1-2 times a month depending on frequency of use)
  2. Avoid leaving your essential oils stagnate too long so they do not clog the appliance.

Gentle heat essential oils diffusers

Their principle is simple. A few drops of essential oils in the palm of the diffuser allows you to enjoy the delicious aroma and properties of your essential oils in your home. Pure or mixed with a little water, essential oils evaporate naturally, evaporation and diffusion are facilitated and accelerated by the addition of warmth that supplied the machine (nothing to do with the broadcasters using a nickname candle, that burn essential oils).

Several advantages of these gentle heat diffusers:

  1. The warmth does not degrade the properties of essential oils and facilitates dissemination.
  2. The maintenance is very simple, cleaning is done using a simple cloth and a little alcohol.
  3. These diffusers are often very attractive and become true decorative objects.
  4. They do absolutely no noise
  5. Agree to parts of modest size (up to 20 m 2).
  6. Dissemination throughout the day.


  1. Slower diffusion
  2. Less effective in large volumes.
  3. Do not split the molecules of essential oils to extract maximum properties and scents.

Ultrasound essential oils diffusers:

This is the last born of essential oil diffusers, and they are quite the rage right now. This is a “hybrid” device which broadcasts at the same time essential oils and water vapor (as a humidifier). Like all hybrid devices, it has its fans and detractors. Purists and fans of aromatherapy will prefer the pure essential oils nebulizers that are probably more efficient for an aromatherapy perspective (to optimize the therapeutic properties of essential oils).

The principle of ultrasonic diffusers is: they have a tank that is filled with water + a few drops of essential oils. A vibrating surface activated by the ultrasound (frequency> 20000 Hz, inaudible) “atomized” into very fine droplets containing water + essential oil which then escapes from the device in the form of mist.

These diffusers have many advantages:

  1. These diffusers diffuse in addition to essential oils from the water vapor.
  2. Easy maintenance.
  3. Programmable for several hours.
  4. Allows for distribution of large parts up to 60 to 80 m2.


  1. The distribution is slower than with a nebulizer which will disseminate pure essential oils.
  2. It is more difficult to control the amount of essential oil that will be broadcast (essential oils are added to the water).
  3. The purists will say that we can not do perfectly dissemination of essential oils and moisturizing with a single device (such diffuser is a good compromise, although it is somewhat less effective than aromatherapy nebulizers for the part).

“Roller” essential oils diffusers

Made from white clay, pour a few drops of essential oils, your roller diffuser will absorb then diffuse slowly. Often with a small metal box, these broadcasters are ideal to be transported very easily. Close the lid and dissemination stop naturally. This will keep the aromas of your oils intact.


  1. Very simple diffuser use
  2. 100% natural
  3. Lightweight and convenient, you can carry it everywhere by car (for sickness or against tobacco odors), at the office, traveling etc …
  4. Very convenient to scent your cupboards, your toilet to clean your fridge, or repel moths of your wardrobes.
  5. Dissemination cold (no degradation of essential oils)
  6. Natural Diffusion
  7. Ideal for the (very) small parts


  1. Only for small rooms.
  2. Slow Diffusion.
  3. Do not split the molecules of essential oils to extract maximum properties and scents.

The “burners” of essential oils:

These diffusers usually consist of a candle that will “warm up” (or rather burn) a container containing pure essential oil or mixed with a little water. These are actually nothing but chafing dishes. This type of diffuser is to avoid at all costs as the heat of a candle flame is too hot and will greatly damage the properties of your essential oils.

How to choose the essential oil for your diffuser

Your choice of essential oil should be done in different ways depending on uses. If your goal is to use essential oils in therapy, so in aromatherapy, then you need before ordering carefully check that they match your request.

In some cases, the same essential oil has different actions depending on the mix you will make. If you use single oil, make sure that the symptom and the place of this symptom match those in the data sheet. (Example: toothache or back pain)

It is also advisable to take confirmation from a health professional to check against possible indications that concern you. In the case of essential oils to give a pleasant scent to your home interior, think still the active ingredient that it will bring.

Even if you find interesting Siam wood smell, you have to take into account that it is a powerful stimulant. So forget the idea of sleeping instantly if you put around the house to 23h in the evening. You can, in this case, replace essential oils perfume waters.

You must adapt the essential oil properties selected with the use you will make. Based “inside perfume”, it is in this case very easy to associate with pleasure. For example: Broadcast lavender evening before bed will sleep well while giving your home a pleasant and sweet fragrance. Note however that some essential oils can be used completely in home fragrance without any indication cons.

The places of culture and part of the plant used are important for certain pathologies. Check again that they match.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a science, many essential oils are listed and each has their properties. They have powerful effects and should not be used lightly.

In any case, do not use with pregnant women, although some oils can be used after the 4th month of pregnancy. The precautionary principle is paramount. Again, it must still know that some essential oils are absolutely safe for children. Ask about a possible risk of allergy that you would own.

Essential oils are active products, except specific cases, do not use on the skin. That said, it is not necessarily useful to psychosis if a few drops of sweet orange fell on your arms… Everything will be fine!

How to enjoy the benefits of essential oils?

One of the best ways to fully enjoy aromatherapy air diffusion is the ultrasound mist diffuser (available in our shop). It does not alter the oil and allows efficient and rapid dissemination.

In the case of air diffusion by heating the oil with a candle or flame, do not put pure. Indeed, upon completion fluid, the bottom will burn and there you can forget the good desired odor. In addition, by heating, the essential oil will boil and be completely denatured. Prefer, in this case, the file in a little water. It does not mix but will warm more slowly.

Do not mix water indoor fountains with essential oil as a recipe for disaster. There are perfume bottles water specially adapted to this use (see our online store)

Mix the oils.

As we have already announced, you have to mix essential oils with vegetable oils for use on the skin. DO NOT USE PURE oil (except air diffusion course). We advise you to follow the dosages recommended by the various aromatherapy recipes you will find. A wrong dosage might not have the desired effect or be too strong.

In any case, we advise you to never exceed the maximum 50/50 ratio, even for the least active essential oils. You should always have more vegetable oil than the essential oil. Moreover, in most cases, it will be just a few drops. Do not increase the dosage by yourself. If you read 5 drops is 5 drops.

“Essential oils are mostly counter, this is not to say that there is no danger of self-medication”. The terms “natural medicine”, “alternative medicine”, “natural” or “organic” are not necessarily synonymous with harmless! “Exactly, essential oils are they harmless?” Essential oils are very powerful and very active substances, it is the concentrated power of the aromatic plant, so do not overdo the doses, regardless of the route of exposure, as any substance is potentially toxic at a high dose or repeated.

Paracelsus said: “Nothing is poison, everything is poison, everything depends on the dose”

You should also know that too prolonged period reverses the effects and / or the occurrence of adverse side effects. When in doubt, we can only advise you to contact a healthcare professional who knows the essential oils.


Baby pack and play are when it needs a space in which the baby can play comfortably and quietly at home, especially when they need greater mobility a great option.

Baby pack and play, also known as playpens, can become a great help to you as you will have a safe space in which you can keep your child entertained playing in a safe space while you can get things done quietly.

Throughout this comprehensive pack and play guide, you can find 3 full sections with useful information so you can choose the best pack and play for your baby.


When a baby starts to grow it is important to offer the opportunity to unleash their curiosity and imagination, allowing it to grow in a safe, comfortable, quiet and safe space, so the baby pack and plays are ideal for this mission. Before buying one of the pack and plays for cheap babies, worth knowing some basic tips to choose correctly:

  • Opt for those models that provide larger, offering many more fun options to your baby and more comfort
  • It is wise to choose those most versatile models, models with barriers to separate spaces and have an ideal height for the baby to remain standing but could not get out of it
  • Door models are much more comfortable for parents, as it will allow them to enter inside without problems
  • Remember to keep in mind what the dimensions of the pack and play for your baby and dimensions of the space in which you place it is
  • Choose a model made from strong, stable, firm, non-toxic and no sharps materials or flying out
  • Buy a pack and play that meets current safety standards
  • Like the food and hygiene are vital for your baby, your fun and entertainment also play an important role in its development and welfare.


Baby pack and plays are truly useful for parents looking for a space in which to keep her safe and comfortable to play placidly baby. Although we must remember that they are not spaces for the baby is all day.

If you are looking to buy one of the best pack and plays for cheap babies should you have in mind some basic characteristics about to make your purchase wisely:

  • Rules: First, any playground must comply with European safety standard EN 12227: 2010 on Parks for domestic use – Safety requirements and test methods.
  • Size: If you have enough space in your home, opt for that model with larger, as this will provide many opportunities for fun and entertainment to your baby, plus it will be more comfortable for your child to give you more freedom of movement.
  • Materials: The playground is to be made of high-quality materials that confer resistance, stability and durability, as well as being non-toxic or dangerous materials for the baby.
  • It must not contain sharp items or small pieces flying out. If this is a park made of wood or wood elements must be free from insect attack and damage.
  • Versatility: The convertible models with barriers are ideal spaces to separate easily, providing a multitude of possibilities. Remember that they must be no gaps where your baby can become trapped.
  • Corners: The corners, ends, and edges of the playground should be rounded to prevent injury or damage to your baby.
  • Wheels: If the pack and play has wheels, it is vital to possess locks to prevent rotation of the wheels and move the pack and play for your baby, preventing it to capsize.

Most popular brands

It is common for parents to seek the best brands for their babies, so we give the 3 brands of baby parks lead the market:

  • Baby Location: This brand is committed to the safety of your baby, but also for its fun and entertainment, why are specialized in manufacturing comfortable, spacious, colorful, rugged pack and plays and offer many possibilities.
  • Chicco: How could it be otherwise, the Chicco brand is among more brands for a cheap baby pack and play bought by parents. This brand offers safety, comfort, design, durability and versatility.
  • iBaby: Specialized in manufacturing many high-quality products for babies, this brand has quickly positioned in the market thanks to its products, which provide exceptional value to parents.

Price range

It should be noted that the price range of pack and play baby is very large, so it is important to know what the exact price you are willing to pay to sift through those models that are out of your budget.

From 60 Euros you can find very interesting options on the market although it is noted that prices can skyrocket to reach 200-250 Euros.

The pack and play for 6-12 months baby

Do you feel guilty every time you leave your baby in the pack and play or playpen while you are doing something? You do not have to. This accessory can promote the baby development, whenever you use certain criteria. Today, in this article, we will provide you tips to opt for the best pack and play for your baby.

Baby pack and play: how to use, time of use, buying tips…

The pack and plays are great for your baby. On the one hand, it is a small space, it offers the possibility to investigate, move and play more actively while feeling safe. And this is important at this age, in which your child combines the need to explore with the fear that causes them greater autonomy.

Moreover, as you are quiet knowing that in no danger, you let him play around on your own, something essential so that he can learn to manipulate their toys without your help, discover new uses that to you will not happen, observe what is around …

And finally, it is also beneficial to the development of their motor skills and muscles as it can get around it crawling and clinging to the mesh or bars to get up and start to take its first steps.


To all this must be added the fact that the pack and play for you is a help when you have to do things and you can not be so aware of the child. But for these benefits do not become damaged note:

  • When placed, it is very important that you stay away from potential dangers for the child (a table with small objects or a tablecloth that can pull the board, a window, a radiator …), you block the wheels (if there is any wheel ) and you change it often orientation so your child can see different “landscapes”.
  • When using it. Do not use it as a punishment, do not let him baby over an hour followed (at this age need above all to move freely in large spaces) and get even if it overwhelms. In addition, can you see from the pack and play and I note this: Talk, sing, go at him every so often … so you will not feel it is a place where you let “forgotten” but a fun pack and play.


So your child can entertain themselves and learn in the pack and play, leave a toy. But remember: it is better to put only two or three that you like (with more overwhelm) and change them every so often, to receive more stimuli.

They must not be so small that it can swallow and choke nor so large that I can climb on them and get out of the pack and play.


Note that having the CE label and features like these:

  • It has a soft base for the baby does not get hurt if you fall.
  • Its interior height exceeds 60 cm.
  • The holes in the mesh or separation between lateral bars prevent the child can get the arms, legs or head and hooked.
  • It has several points of support so that it can not tip over; the wheels (if present) can be locked.
  • If folding, the system for doing so is not accessible to the child.
  • The materials are non-toxic, does not have small parts accessible and edges do not crack if the baby bites.

Baby pack and play buying tips

  • Make sure there is a clear instruction on the assembly of the pack and play is present.
  • Make sure there is a solid construction with a smooth finish and splinter-free wood.
  • The openings between the bottom plate and side walls may not be larger than 2.5 cm.
  • The distance between the bars of the box should be between 4.5 and 6.5 cm.
  • The distance from the bottom plate to the edge of the box is at least 60.0 cm.
  • With an increased bottom plate is the distance to the edge of the box at least 30 cm.
  • Make sure the locking mechanism of a folding cot or folding box works well and is sturdy.
  • Choose an appropriate and comfortable pack and play. An additional pack and play mat is useful to be as a pack and play crops.


Tips for choosing the essential oil diffuser

Aromatherapy is in booming for several years now and continues to be adopted by users who become true followers and also experts in the use of essential oils.

Essential oils are of great diversity as the number of “therapeutic” applications they enable. How is administered essential oils are also quite varied, since they can be applied to the skin, ingested or inhaled be!

Note that the use of essential oils can cause various adverse problems if the necessary precautions for their use are not taken. A council advised by a pharmacist, for example, is highly recommended.

We will focus here on the dissemination of essential oils into the air using diffusers in order to breathe in the air or just to clear the air of a room. Here are tips for your purchase according to essential oil diffuser reviews.

Types of essential oil diffusers

Several options are available to us when we want to spread essential oils. Keep in mind that essential oils have therapeutic properties directly related to their molecular structure. The only “problem” is that these molecular structures are fragile and are particularly sensitive to heat and also to light as most molecules called aromatic.

The choice of essential oil diffuser is made according to the distribution technique used and the volume of the room is aired oil.

Diffusers of essential oils through nebulization

These essential oils diffusion devices, also called nebulizers, are certainly the most efficient to keep the chemical structure of the active molecules within the essential oils.

Indeed, this distribution method is carried out cold and thus preserves all the therapeutic properties of ET. The process of cold fogging allows through vibrations to separate and distribute the molecules of essential oils in the form of very fine particles emitted into the ambient air.

Most of the time this type of device consists of a basement where is located the engine and a glass part having a nozzle to accommodate the essential oils and create nebulization. The nebulizers are very effective and can distribute the oils in spaces up to 120 m².

The price nebulizers vary between 45 and 100 euros depending on model and sellers.

Many online stores offer several models, some of which have a “timer” to manage periods of nebulization, therefore, diffusion and periods of the diffusion barrier. These different periods are important to avoid essential oils diffusion overload in the atmosphere especially in small rooms.

Note that these models with “timer” also have LED lights to have a colored light on glassware during distribution periods.Also, note that the glassware is available as spare parts.

The ultrasonic diffusers

These broadcasters use ultrasound to form fine droplets of water and essential oil that will partition into the atmosphere as light mist. This cold diffusion system keeps extremely well the properties of essential oils. The addition of water in an ultrasonic delivery system has the advantage of slightly moisten the air. These diffusers are recommended for medium sized rooms (less than 80 m²) and parts whose atmosphere is dried by heating systems, for example.

Prices vary widely it takes about 40 euros a budget for a good device.

Broadcasters by misting of essential oils

Misters essential oil diffusers have a principle similar to that of ultrasonic diffusers insofar as a certain amount of water is required to operate the device and distribution of essential oils.
These diffusers are also great for creating a special atmosphere. Their often with LED lights mist and their various designs allow for inclusion as an object of decoration in itself.

These devices have a water level sensor that stops the machine in case of lack of water. They help disseminate essential oils in medium size pieces (less than 100 m²).

The prices of these broadcasters are highly variable because the creativity of the different manufacturers is, it takes about 50 euros budget for a beautiful and good broadcaster.

Some of these broadcasters can also be used with USB. Indeed, you can connect the camera directly to your computer and mist of essential oils sublimate your work atmosphere!

Comparison of different diffusers of essential oils

Most essential oils diffusers can also stream piped fragrances or perfumes so we included the fragrances in our summary table.

If you also have any comments or clarifications to give us about your own experience with the dissemination of essential oils please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Thank you !

Baby 6-12 months: The pack and play with measure

Do you feel guilty every time you leave your baby in the playground or pack and play (playpen) while you are doing something? You do not have to. This accessory can promote its development, whenever you use certain criteria. Find more information to choose the best pack and play.

The playground or pack and play is great for your baby. On the one hand, it offers the possibility to investigate, move and play more actively, but feeling safe. And this is important at this age, in which your child combine the need to explore with the fear that causes them greater autonomy.

Moreover, as you are quiet knowing that in no danger, you let him play around on your own, something essential so that he can learn to manipulate their toys without your help, discover new uses that to you will not happen, observe what is around …

And finally, it is also beneficial to the development of their motor skills and muscles as it can get around it crawling and clinging to the mesh or bars to get up and start to take its first steps.


To all this must be added the fact that the pack and play for you is a help when you have to do things and you can not be so aware of the child. But for these benefits do not become damaged note:

When placed. It is very important that you stay away from potential dangers for the child (a table with small objects or a tablecloth that can pull the board, a window, a radiator …), you block the wheels (if any ) and you change it often orientation so your child can see different “landscapes”.

When using it. Do not use it as a punishment, do not let him baby over an hour followed (at this age need above all to move freely in large spaces) and get even if it overwhelms. In addition, you can see from the pack and play and I note this: Talk, sing, go at him every so often … so you will not feel it is a place where you let “forgotten” but a fun playground.


So your child can entertain themselves and learn in the park, leave a toy. But remember: it is better to put only two or three that you like (with more overwhelm) and change them every so often, to receive more stimuli.

They must not be so small that it can swallow and choke nor so large that I can climb on them and get out of the park.


Note that having the CE label and features like these:

  • It has a soft base for the baby does not get hurt if you fall.
  • Its interior height exceeds 60 cm.
  • The holes in the mesh or separation between lateral bars prevent the child can get the arms, legs or head and hooked.
  • It has several points of support so that it can not tip over; the wheels (if present) can be locked.
  • If folding, the system for doing so is not accessible to the child.
  • The materials are non-toxic, does not have small parts accessible and edges do not crack if the baby bites.
  • Keywords: good use of the corralito, baby playpen, baby playpen and time in the corralito

Buying tips for a safe pack and play: Where should you look for?

Is there a manual for? It states for example stated to what weight the box is appropriate. – In terms of dimensions, the space between the bottom and the side wall must not exceed 0.5 cm. And the distance from the top of the bottom to the highest point of the side of the box should be at least 60 cm in the lowest position and 30 cm when the bottom is set at the highest position.

In terms of bars, the distance should be between 4.5 and 6.5 cm. When you choose a pack and play, the mesh can be up to 0.7 cm.

The box a smooth finish (ie, he is splinter-free)?

At a folding box: the closing mechanism must automatically click into the lock position and the closure may be opened only in at least two steps.

Pack and play on wheels? Note that this should be able to block.

It is important that the playmat fit properly, to prevent your baby gets underneath.

Additional safety tips

Once you have purchased a box, it is also important that you put it in a safe place. Thus, not too close to the heater, in plants or in the vicinity of cords, for example, of the Luxaflex. Your child could get caught here. Due to the same reason you tie better, no toys on strings inside the box. Put finally, not too many toys in the box. Read more about safety in the box.



In the first few months, your baby really needs your tender arms to exist and soothe. Yet, like all mothers in the world, you can not be at every moment; Also, you need a baby equipment suited to accommodate your new baby, safely. When your baby wakes, the sun favors quiet moments necessary for balance. In fact, the swing combination of functions that will make it essential to the welfare of the whole family. Let’s talk more in detail, what is the baby swing which is not the first swing.


You should install baby swing near you or your family. The baby then has plenty of time to discover his world. This distance helps him to live as a person, in a place with his family. Especially as the seat offers a significant comfort in every moment of the day: the different inclinations of the seat provide welfare reinforced by the cushion to support the baby’s head. A 5-point harness keeps your baby and guarantees its security. Then the comfort of the swing adapts to changing your child during the first few months: he will enjoy sleeping in, appreciate to recover a little, then, manage to catch his first toy. Some models also have a mellow sound reception, create a cocoon swing open to the world of your baby. The regular swing reminds him of his uterine bubble and your movements: he likes to be lulled and your swing takes over. Rhythm as to the mechanical balance system are measured and the weight of the child, thus eliminating any risk. Sweet melodies promote a reassuring atmosphere lull, too, baby.

Some models have a remote control or a timer to avoid disturbing your child comfortably. Finally, the swing is used both to relax and soothe babies. This relaxation will often fall asleep … but shhh!


The sun is transported everywhere since it is foldable. You can even put it out: your baby slightly elevated, will be safe from critters in the garden. The sun is also used as a lounger in which your child can play completely independently, or with relatives who do not have to put down. There is also a certain comfort to give him his first spoons. In addition, the ark of hanging toys allows long moments busy enjoying as much as fun even if he does not sit still. This multitude of stimulating activities contributes to good development psychomotor coordination eye / hand. Removable toys will have a second life when your child play on a carpet. So the swing with your little over months.For sum up, the sun meets the needs of your baby, from birth: it brings him comfort, softness, and comfort. It also allows baby to awaken and to appropriate their environment, grow, simply. parental side, this baby accessory makes the daily calmer since it frees up time for mom and simplifies family organization. It establishes the foundation for the necessary separation and emotional development of babies engine.

Here are my baby swing reviews over a model that I have bought. This will help you to understand more about its properties

I bought the Ingenuity Convert Me Swing 2 SeatCette baby swing last week. It ensures a substantial safety for your little one because it has a secure strap, attached to 5 different points. In addition, this model offers a good quality seat that promotes ease of your baby. Depending on your preference, you can use one of two seats modes: the deckchair or the version swing. This equipment will distract your baby while enjoying comfort and softness. It was designed for fun or sleep small detour. It lightens your babysitting jobs or those of the nurse.

With this baby swing, you can rock your child efficiently. You can vary the swing tempo using the 5-speed levels. While swinging your child can listen to soft music and rock, with 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds of swing. To participate in the awakening of the child, this equipment has 2 plush toys and 3 loops that you can add other toys to taste. Elegant, it is made with Seneca style marked by its embroidered unisex designs. Easy to carry, it is foldable and lightweight.

If you compare the best baby swings of time then you will understand why the model Ingenuity Convert Me Swing Seat 2 is in our ranking.


A well-thought security: This baby seat has a well-reinforced security system.

Guaranteed comfort: With the seat well comfortable recliner 2 positions, your baby will always have the comfort he needs.

An awakening accessory: More than a seat, it’s a wake accessory through the various toys that are hanging there.

The cons:

For the neck safety straps: The Toddler may be disrupted by the safety strap happens to their necks.

Weight bar: 6 basic exercises that can be done with a power rack

A bar of weight training with light loads and a simple fitness bench help tone the muscles most of the upper and lower limbs.

Here are some basic tools/part of the best power racks and some recommended exercises you can do on these.

Fitness bar

By equipping more than 2 solid amounts of heavier loads and an adjustable weight bench, 6 basic exercises will follow a full workout at home to gain power or gaining muscle volume.

Objectives and materials needed

What to do with a single bar of weight training and some loads?

Discs muscle improvement bar


If one only seeks a muscle toning and improves cardio respiratory capacity, it is not necessary to equip wholesale fitness equipment. Indeed for the higher purpose, it must be able to make sets relatively long lasting approximately 30 seconds by moving a little loaded weight bar (30 to 60% of its maximum load) or even a single bar. So do not have a lot of iron discs; the amounts are not essential since the bar with used discs can be easily moved before executing the exercise.

Weight Bench type or fitness step

Low weight bench is a simple fitness bench or step which is useful to perform the exercises while lying down or sitting. The body pump, for example, is a method that applies this type of organization.

Solid amounts and an adjustable weight bench for a complete workout in power or muscle volume

Squat rack with a weight bar

To gain power or to gain mass muscle you need to work about 70 to 95% of its maximum load adjustable weight.

This imposes heavy loads, few repetitions (3 to 10) executed as quickly as possible to gain power or rather slowly instead for a volume gain.

For such purpose it is imperative to have strong and stable amounts to support the weight bar and expenses. A squat rack is perfect for this. An adjustable weight bench will also be preferable to ensure a more complete and varied workout.

Materials needed depending on the objective

Some recommended single work-out using a power rack


1 – Toning


Toning and muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory development capabilities


Series 30 seconds, weight bar lightly loaded (30 to 60% of its maximum load) or even unloaded, the rate of moderate weight bar running without load.

Necessary material

A bar of bodybuilding, some cast iron discs, a fitness bench.

2 – Power or Volume


Power and muscle volume, performance or bodybuilding


75 to 95% of the maximum load, heavy loads, few repetitions (3 to 10), maximum rate for a gain of power, slow pace to a volume gain.

Necessary material

A bar of bodybuilding, many discs, an adjustable weight bench, two solid uprights or squat rack

Basic weight training exercises with a barbell

The following table provides 6 exercises with power rack for all the body muscles.

Descriptions of the exercises


Bend the legs until the thighs are horizontal, while inspiring and extend the legs to go up while exhaling. The feet are flat during exercise, knees bending do not exceed. The front slot load with a variant of the classic squat to solicit the thighs and buttocks

Pull downs or rowing

Stand, palms downwards closer than shoulder width apart, torso straight, arms straight. Inspired by pulling the bar up and keeping it close to the body. Focus on raising the elbows, not hands.


Lying head to the edge of the bench, knees bent, lower back in contact with the bench. Arms outstretched, overhand grip bar. Inhale and lower the bar behind the head slightly bent elbows. Exhale while returning to the starting position. For maximum safety the sweater is first run with a bar equipped weight light loads with a particular emphasis on investment kidney and breathing.

Dead lift


Grasp the bar, arms outstretched, feet apart to shoulder width. Raise the bar in 2 phases: single contraction of the thighs and buttocks without changing the inclination of the back. Arrive below the knees, back contraction to recover. The dead lift is the best exercise for weight back.

Bench Press

Lie on a bench, buttocks in contact with the bench, feet on the bench. Palms downwards with spacing greater than shoulder width; inspire and down the bar by controlling the movement to the chest; develop exhaling. The bench press is the most effective exercise for weight training the pectorals.

Sitting developed

Legs are slightly apart, palms up, back straight, push up to end arms outstretched. Blow uphill, downhill Inspire.